Muffiness soft,What yoga?thistBefore the privilege movement,YesOgaThe college is specifically used to trainOgaBody softness course!

Students who came to the first military school,Which is not a dream in the battlefield,Rising?OgaI will not choose this lesson.,《Soft yoga》The reason why is set up,Is because the school found a fewAlphaMore powerful,But the body is too stiff,Be unfavorable to fight,Therefore, the instruments have discussed,Determine the course,But it is still the cooler course in the first military academy.,none of them。
Jiang Hong’s eyes are gone,I haven’t seen it from the classroom from that classroom.,Finally, I can only accept him.《Soft yoga》This fact。
Short leaving!
No wonder his behind the class is wrong.!
Jiang Hong is excited、Unbelievable mood to Zuo Luohu to send information:【Do you know what is the class of interest??】
NS 18 chapter(Fragrant sweet home traditionO.)
When I received Jianghong Communication, Zuo Luo has just come out from a private clinic,She looked at this information,Go back and return:【do not know,But I know that your class is wrong.。】
Widely circulating the legendary class, After the two interest classes are on Thursday, But yesterday is said that no one has seen him.。
Jianghong:【……Newcomer, Guess what he chose?, I guarantee that you can’t guess it.!】
Zuo Luo is a little interesting, reply:【He choseaLevel instructor’s course?】
PutsLevel courses are not selected,Choose on FridayaLevel course,It can only be interested in those who are interested in those instructor.。
Jianghong did not send news, Instead, I called the communication., Zuo Luo is open to see him excited to mix, The eyes are still a lot of confused。
“I know you can’t guess it.!”Jiang Hong’s lens turned to turn,For a while606room,Also aligned612room,“《Flowerwork》with《Soft yoga》,Ok, I came to these two lessons this afternoon.!Default!”
Zuo Luo heard, Slightly stunned,Recall the words that Jiang Hong said,Confirm that you have not heard the wrong:“《Soft yoga》What is it?”
She heard the first reaction of the name of these two courses, It is the new development of the battle system., But from Jiang Hong’s reaction, Not that simple。
“Yoga,Prior to flatogaCollege’s course。”Jianghong’s face constipation, “He also flowers!Just use the real flower with a liquid bottle!This time, I really don’t blame me.,Who can think of coming from the two lesson?。”
“Prior to flat”、“ogaCollege”These words appear together, Often bring a variety of colors,People have to think about it,It’s just that this color should not be involved in it.。
Zuo Luo is unconsciously remembered that the adult gift,I have half holding the waist,Will put people in bed,She looked down with her hands,Have a moment of illusion,The soft and hot touch seems to remain on.。
Optical brain opposite,Jiang Hong is still in the motivation of hard thinking,Generally stiff to military schools that need to be specially coming to this class,Don’t be too good,And morealpha,And part of hardbeta:“He is not bad,It’s completely no stiff to the level of this class.。”
“He does not need it。”Zuo Luo gave agreement with Jiang Hong’s speech。
“what?”Jiang Hong is inexplicably looking at Zuo Luo Huan,I always feel that she said‘unnecessary’A bit weird。
“nothing。”Zuo Luo Hui,Another look of unhappy look,“No need to stare at the interest of others,Hang up。”
“no,g……”Jiang Hong looked at the closing newsletter,Touched,I feel that today, Zuo Luo is not too strong.。
Even Jianghong was shocked.,Don’t use other military schools you know later.。
《Soft yoga》This course,Previous student psychology to take care of the class,Don’t take pictures of students,The classroom curtains are also pulled throughout the year.,Can’t see anything from the outside。
School other students,Still waiting until the student of the class knows,What is the last level of interest?。
Leading the entire weekend,Everyone is discussing this,The students of the first military school know that the Ocean is selected.《Soft yoga》This course。
【What is yoga??Why is the Ji?,Plus one《Flowerwork》,What do he want to do??】
【What should I do if I do things?,It is impossible to look like the surface is so simple.。】
【Ah this year?I heard that there is a jujiu before.,Can snort enemies in the fight,Is this yoga class not to teach such a move??】
【I think it is,The Ji Director must be to study what kind of jujiu,So I chose yoga class.。】
【upstairs,Front row reminder,What is this jail?。】