In front of him,A blue is getting closer and closer

The upper strip fell directly into a river。
“what?what!”I was originally waiting for this scene on a bridge on the river.,After a few seconds, I reacted it.,When she was shocked, she just had to jump down the river to save the upper.,Sudden,A black shadow slammed from the sky,Putting, taking it again into the river。
“”Girl can’t help but get a big mouth,I don’t know how it is good for a moment.。
Girl is not someone else,It is the five and the original day.,She is here to cooperate with the actions of the upper and other people.,According to the news from Soil Gate,Let her meet here and the Qing Dynasty,But I didn’t expect this scene.。
Sudden,I hesitated for a moment in the girl,Decided to jump the river to save people,Places falling in the river,Suddenly flashed a golden light,then,A shadow slowly floating from the water。
Do not,It is said that it is floating.,It is better to say that it is more appropriate from the water.,That’s in the cloud,The juvenile hair is slightly wet,But the light golden scorpion flashed a smile.。
then,With a warm voice,The teenager has a laugh.。
“Young teenage girl,”The palace face with a devout look and a smile that can’t be hidden,On his right hand and left hand each holds a golden and silver light ball,“What you fall is this golden??Still this silver is a numb?”
“Still this bubble, the water and wet is like a numb?”Qingguang laughs,Pick up from the bottom of the water, a champion,“Which one is it??”
“I”Five and and a half is speechless and half is shame.,And the upper strip in his hand,The sound is as thin as mosquitoes,“I have to do it?”
Qing Palace:“”
“that,what,what”The Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, did not say two words.,“I am a Qing Palace to Xia,You are the hometown of the upper stroke.,Is a friend?”
“Yes Yes,My name is five and。”It seems to have heard the two words that the Qing Palace is not careful.,Let the five and his faces are not more red.,However, the tone is still gentle and firm,“Are you a super-powerful person in the urban city??”
“what,Be right。”Qing Palace nodded,Walking on the river bank,“but,Still first wake up this guy first。”
“otherwise,I am afraid that our next task can’t complete it.。”Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,Muttering,“Jin Xu Ma and Silong Major are not used.?silver‘Lustful’?”
“Yes!”The five and the face is inexplicable.。
“I always feel that this guy is not found.。”The Qing Palace shakes his head,“never mind”
“Save people。”
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Chapter 541 Avignon
After being smashed by the Qing Dynasty, I took a long time.,The upper strip slowly opened his eyes.。
“cough!Cough!”Come on awake,I started crazy coughing.,Also spit out of the water from time to time,It looks like a wolf,“I cough”
“Rest assured。”The Qing Palace is lying on the lawn.,You’re looking at the upper,Laugh,“Your water in your belly has been taken by me.,The clothes are also dried.,You are just a cough.,In this situation,But it is sprinkling water.!”
“Give also rushing、Sprinkle。”The upper strip has coughed two times,It’s hard to breathe,“It’s unfortunate.。”
“Well,It’s already good.。”Qinggong smile,“You should be glad that you just fell into the water.,If it falls on the bridge or the shore,Estimated this time nothing task,I am probably taken to take you to the hospital.。”
“It’s true that it is true.”The upper strip blinks,Staring at the Qing Palace, a few seconds filled with innocent face,I also looked at the red face to steal my own five and,I can’t help but frown.,“However, how can I always feel that there is a bad thing in my time that I have just been coma?”
“what?Ah, hahahaha.,No,How can there be this kind of thing?。”Qingguang smile,Then, in a more cool smile, he said,“We are friends.,I must not harm you.!”
“I didn’t know who I didn’t know where I went from the plane.。”The upper strip is oblique to the Qing Palace,Snort,No longer paying attention to him,But the girl turned to look at the side,“Five, why are you here??”
“We are awarded the commission of the British Clear,The magic value of terrain and land veins in France is being investigating。”Five and the face is still slightly red,But the look is calm.,“After knowing this action,I will come.”
“anyway,This action is really strange.。”The Qing Palace is still lazy lying on the lawn of the river bank,“It is clear that it should be that the Soil Gate will order let us do what to do,But now this guy is actually gone.,So what should we do next??Directly destroy‘cInstrument’Is it ok??”
“Said so long,Why do we destroy the one?‘cInstrument’what?”The upper eyebrows are slightly frowned,“This name listens to you always mentioned.。”
“You probably because of the taste of parachuting is too nervous.。”The Qing Dynasty is sorry obliquely on the top,“It’s very clear that it’s very clear in the airplane.,And I think,5 and Miss should be very clear.?”
“Call me five and just。”Teenage girl smile,Then look at the upper strip,“But since your goal is also‘cInstrument’,We can act together together.。”
“So what is it?”There are some speechless。
“So say so。”Qing Palace stretched a lazy waist,Sit up from the lawn,“Know the retrieval of the demonstration activities of the boycott of the municipality initiated by all the countries around France?”