Lisa and Ji is,Fuhua and Han Jiang also ran back here very safe。

But in order to attract the disparison,Weni will also go to special place to go out,Hidden will be followed。
However, the ability of the people,Don’t worry, it will be injured by the law.。
Hi Lier entered the dormitory,Hanjiang Rapong Contact Balonia,Tell her back the news from Hi.。
Baronia will know early.,Telling Han Jiang to do things in the mood of His.。
It seems that there is already communicated by Mi Zhi and Bronia.,Otherwise, Bronia will not be so relieved.。
Several people told a little in the dormitory for a while,It’s getting late,Han Jiang has to rush to the D’Lisa’s dormitory.。
Within the dormitory,Ji sings lying on the sofa,A cleansing big leg hangs on the sofa,After listening to Hanjiang’s movement, lifted a little。
“that whoever,Give me to the refrigerator to take the bottle of wine,Let me penetrate,Be a bit uncomfortable。”Ji Zi took the red-haired redhead.,Slowly sit and start to direct Hanjiang。
Han Jiang did not listen,Poured over the hot water to Giji,Mean:“Drink plenty of hot water。”
“Stinky boy!”Ji laughed。
Qi Yana ran to the retrnight headquarters,The dormitory is more quiet than the past Hanjiang.。
De Lisa deeds have not come back yet.,The kitchen is when a dutiful cut dish,Don’t ask, you must be prepared。
Since Ji can drink this, lying on the sofa is lazy,Then explain the current form of the pointer.。
Sensitive scorpion,Governing the law in a short period of time can’t afford the riots。
De Lisa and training a whole day, Wantati is coming back,Fuhua has been ready for dinner。
“Hi Lier came back!?”
Wenti saw Xiu Xiu’s obvious happy。
Hi Jier’s premises responded.,And replying to the way using a personality:“Don’t look at it.,Bronia sister can not come back?。”
“Oh”Weni is obviously lost,Then said:“It’s fine,His is also very good。”
This will make the personality,I can only laugh with it.。
At the dinner table,De Lisa proposes the plan of the inverse entropy headquarters,And serious inquiries about Wen Ti, the less willing to act as a bait。
“If we don’t want to be, we will not force,Here is not a life,Everyone has its own choice。”
Wen Ti wants to say:“I am of course willing,There is a long and Ji Ji teacher, and the teacher, I will not be afraid.。”
Since Bronia brings Windya back,It is also to treat her leg.,It is also let her re-school,Made in the Poland’s Wun Shen。
Weni demonstrates its own battle talent,De Lisa is nothing more than the sea.。
When the Oceania branch,She is the presence of a verbal experiment,Such a good thing, but I don’t want to think.。
De Lisa saw such a proactive Wenyi hesitated,Carefully:“This will not be too difficult for you.,After all, it is a more dangerous thing.,Moreover, Bronia has also been taken away by the right to take the law.,If you”
“It’s fine!”Wenye holds his fist,Seriously say:“I am willing to be this bait,And I also want to revenge for Bronia sister.!”
“If the Disa Academic Length does not let me participate in this action,I may act alone,At that time, you will also disrupted the plan.,The same consequence is not worth。”
“I know,Only with your actions can maximize benefits,Can completely defeat the resiliency,In order to help Bronia’s sister’s power to win the law!”