“Solitary!This time,What are the requirements,You can mention。

I have dial it to your twelve military preparations.,A total of two thousand four thousand people。Nanyang population,The number of the town army is a lot,I will give you the power of the soldiers.。
In addition, Dou Yi is also available to you in the army in North Yichang County.,He has four thousand members of the soldiers there.。
This is close to 30,000 main power.。
I have lived to the Lanxiang in the http://www.lyzhizuo.cn Guan Central Military House training to select a new member.,Zhou Guochen is already expanding,You don’t have to worry about follow-up no one rescue。”
Inside the hall,Yu 邕’s words soft,Not only is the strength to be a letter from Nanyang,And also secretly warned that he holds a heavy weapon.,I thought that this soldier horse can play a coup in Chang’an.!
There are only 24 military governments in Zhou Guo.,Recruitment administrative region,I am not good for a time.。
But who stipulates that a military government can only have two thousand members of the soldiers.?
I have two thousand,Further training, two thousand,Don’t double it??
Yang Jian has been based on the military reform proposed by Gao Biyi.,It is proposed a lot of rules that are suitable for surroundings.。
For example, Xinfu unified to Changan accept http://www.ydlec.cn training,Low-level officer joins the court guard,Enter the palace for the guard,The palace is a premium military officer.。
Serious military discipline,The trophy will be returned to the central level according to military power distribution,No longer the past, who is to grab it?。
on the contrary,Although the soldiers still need to bring their own horses and armor,But there is no need to bring your own dog food,Needless to prepare weapons。
These are provided by the central。
Power and obligations are relative。
In Yitai, the military soldiers took a dry food and solders.,Grab the trophy, you can’t take it.?
The army will rebel!
Now the military does not have to worry about ration and weapons,The investment in the army is greatly reduced,nature,The trophy is not allowed to be privately swallowed.。
at the http://www.qeqts.cn same time,The soldiers’ call,Has been under the original military governance“Military household”,Getting all farmers participating in the same field!
The military contributed to the upper limit of the number of the soldiers,Proper to 5,000!
in conclusion,It is Yu Yu personally use Changan’s banned military training facilities.,Train newfold。
But the quality of the preparation,Further decline。
Because of the farmer,The quality of the soldiers must be a military household that cannot be in the past.。As for why the number of pursuit is given up,Can only say this is the first step plan,The final state of non-military reform。
Yu Hao has begun a small action of the empty old column,Four major columns that are headed,In the heart, the mirror is generally,But it is not caused。
Their level,Want to make a military change is too easy,But it is not seen like an eye.,Directly abolish!
How many people have to be sin?!
Have Gao Bo Yi this proposed a military reform,Is it not easy to get the sand stone in the military reform??
“His Majesty,This San Minzhen is a 30,000-member soldier.,Too much quantity,Be uncomfortable。
Wanzhou is a rumor,Say the micro-minister,That’s bad。
So it is better to,Let Xinjin State,Your younger brother Yu Xian accomplished,This will have a lot of idle words。
Your Majesty,Miniachen also peace of mind,This is good?”