this moment,She can’t hate Mu Zizi, I wake up,She is willing to be his antidote,Lens of pain on him。

As long as he wakes up,She is willing to do everything。
And that three men,Seeing to have a life,Take your legs。
Raying did not expect that the situation will develop so seriously,Just now,He came over ,Already let him report a police,The police should come soon.。
These people can’t run。
The security guard in this hotel has not appeared,It can be seen that it is bought.。
Rio Si,Silly standing in the same place,Looking at Mu Zizi in the arms of Le Yu,The whole portrait is lost in life。
And she can’t think of dreaming.,Things will develop into this way。
“Muzi,You wake up,You wake up。”
Le Yu is crying,Looking at blood flowing on his legs,shocking。
Le Ling hit a first aid phone。 Then walk the past,Say:“Put him first,I have to go to the building and wait for ambulance.,Ambulance is very fast,I have a known surgeon,Will give him the best surgery。”
I’m grateful to nod.,Help the Muzi,At this time, he has gradually beaten cold.,Her heart,More worry。
NS773chapter:He won’t have something
Rayling is carrying the Mu Zizi,Le Yu is quickly followed。
Lu Sisi,“Snapped”I am slap in the face of Lu Si,,“You don’t have a woman,If there is an event,I will definitely pull you to the bottom of the cushion.。”
She went out with her breath.。
Lu Si Mei sitting on the ground,Mask!She just wants to get the man.,Why do you become like this?。
Blue Xin,After bathing out,Looking at Le Yu is not,She came out to find Le Yu,But I found that Le Yu’s mobile phone was fallen into the walkway.。
She looks at it,Crouch pick up your phone,Have a bad sense of heart。
“Gather,Where are you?
Gather”She ran in the walkway.。
Turn around the corner,She saw that Le Yu is rushing to follow the elevator.。
Blue Xinlu。
Lu Si just came out,I met Blue Xin.。
“Blue,You are fine, it is very good.。”
Lu Si is anxious,Looked down and saw Blue Xin。
Blue Xin looked at her wolf,Paled face,Hair is also messy,There are some blood on your face,The face is full of faces,The whole person looked at the miserable。
Blue Xin was shocked to watch her,“Sister,You are fighting with anyone.?”
Lu Si is alive,Anticipate:“Blue,This thing is saying,Let’s go to the hospital first,Actu。”