Even those Malays who are different from Chinese people,It can also say a very distinctive Chinese。

Chinese come to Brunei,At all, there is no need to worry about communication issues。
Summer words,Naturally, there is no culture。
The enchanting girl finally reacted,Angered summer,“You,You shameless,nonsense,I don’t know you at all.!”
At the same time, the face is panicked.,“Dear,He is lying,Don’t believe him,Me,How can I be his girlfriend?……”The reason is panicked,Is it because she knows how the Donggu is a person?。
suspicious!It is also a major feature,And the cardiagy is extremely narrow。
She didn’t expect,The more this,Instead, it’s original to believe in the summer.,Be amazed。
Vision,Wrinkled brow staring at the enchanting girl。
http://www.lir9.cn And the summer said,“Dear,It doesn’t have to lie to the ancient young master.,We are almost three years.,What are you afraid?,And these three years,I didn’t touch you again.……”Hunch。
The enchanting girl is almost elderly old blood。
Same for three years?
Ghost Taki is a three-year with you!The eyes are like a fire, generally grievances stare at the summer.。
Not waiting for him to refute,Summer is immediately,“I am not right.,If you want to put it, don’t know me.,Should quietly tell me in advance,Certainty,You also have a place to do,Should not be hostile me,look……Let the East Ancient Shantai?”
The enchanting girl can’t hate the summer thousand knives.。
But look at the more and more gloomy faces of the east ancient ancient times,She can only disclaimer,“Dear,He,He is really lying……”“To shut up!”
Even if you don’t believe in the summer,I can’t help but skept at this moment.。
He stares on the summer,In the eyes, it is not a cooler.,“Boy,I don’t care, you are crazy,Still,But have to say,you succeeded。”
He slowly closed his eyes,Spit out a breath,Open your eyes,“My woman is your girlfriend?
I don’t believe,Unless you can prove。”
He pointed the silver box that refers to the summer hand.,“If you prove,You http://www.fy12365.cn take these money.,If you can’t prove it,No matter what you just, it is true.,I will lose you to the sea.,I said to the east!”
The hall is quiet。
Four-week customer。
I know that Dongngu is angered.。
And he angered every time,There will be a few people to fill in。
This is not a rumor,But the fact。
Several customers in the restaurant stood up,I want to take the opportunity to walk away.,But I don’t want to be in the past.,The cold eyes sweep a circle in the hall。
And the money on the side also changed color。
Original this is the scene she most wants to see.。
Also the ultimate goal of her plan。
But this moment,She has no purpose at all.,Some is just a strong concern。
It seems that she is observed,Summer in summer,Turn around,Exposing a peace of mind。
Subsequent,The http://www.ruishishoubiao.cn face revealed helplessness。
Looking at the enchanting woman。