Dead and quiet。
Thousands of people in all sides,All shocked。
Never thought,Summer will speak this sharp words in public。
Do not carefully tear the good face of Zhang Yongnian。
Word heart,Be too embarrassed!
Zhang Yongnian、Zhang Hong Shu’s two people have a feeling of crazy feelings.。
Shame、upset、Angry、Kill……I can’t hate thousands of knives in the summer.。
“There is a count,No one has a good thing in his hands.,Why don’t you take it out??”
Summer eyes swept around,“If I don’t hand over the soldier,Do not share array,Is it not for the overall situation?,Selfishness?Everyone is self-satisfied。”
Many people are wrong,Don’t dare to look at the summer。
Or embarrassing、Shame、Or calm、Or smirk。
Zhang Yongnian has been ignored。
How many years。
Don’t he remember how many years?,Some people dare to speak with themselves.。
Since the promotion of gods,Stroke nine
After the big team,Every time I dare to be sorry in front of him.。
More about this shame!
“summer,do not forget,You are mine.,I am a husband……”
Not finished,Summer will be interrupted again。
“What happened to?What is the husband??I am in violation of the city.,Still committing your military discipline?Can you nail me??”
Summer, a pair of swords, such as ice,The dark light is like a knife is generally sharp。
“Wanfu this position,It is to lead everyone to work with the enemy.,Not letting you bullish。”
Summer is not afraid,The sound is like the sword,“The wind in Fengcheng is your bad person.,Early special code is over!”
“you,you……What did you say?”
Zhang Yongnian is shameful and angry,Dental bite,Cold eyes lock summer,With a murderous murderous。
“I said what you are not clear??”
Summer smiling,“Dare to come to the martial arts,Which one is not awkward,Which is not from weak to today,You have nothing.。”
Nearby Chinese。
This time,No one stands out to anger summer。
Because of every sentence,All standing in the truth。