“Shut up,Find a master with time,From the factory,Basically take more than a hour of time,Do http://www.yifeng8.cn you still have time??”

Summer eyes suddenly,Don’t even give her this time??
“President,Just give me more time,I can make this dress completely。”
Lu Weijun:“Not a hurt??”
“Do you want everyone to wait for you because of your mistake??”
“Do you know how many hours of photographers and directions do every day??”
Lu Weijun does not listen to her,But look at Yue Lingxi:“Yue Designer,Bring your dress to your office.,After an hour, I have to see a complete dress.。”
Yue Lingxi:“OK,President。”
Lu Weijun looked at the designer,“Everyone is scattered.。”
Summer dead biting lips,A mistake,Let her have a thousand feet in front of him。
Damn woman,The dead Yue Lingxi
The business http://www.3650597.cn designer left the office。
Yue Lingxi also returned her office with a dress and gold.,She is not to grab the savings of the summer.,But after knowing the goal of the summer,She is now also a girlfriend of Lu Weijun.,She must help。
A three-child,The president is super fierce
NS2411chapter Han Jingjing is very satisfied
Lu Wei is still very important on hand to handle,The things here have been treated,He quickly returned to the office to handle other things,That is to get off work on time。
Summer looks at the big office,Be unable to。
How can Yue Lingxi be inlaid??
Yue Lingxi’s design is compressed.,Now this dress is now,If Yue Lingxi is successful,Lu Weijun will read more,And she,The status of the Rio Group is also in jeopardy。
“what……”Summer venting low。
Things can’t pay attention to?
Why http://www.seedk.cn do she hold the purpose?,Instead of clearing the Qing Dynasty enters the Lu Group,In that, she will have a lot of bottom gas.,But now??
She didn’t even have the courage of the argument.。
………After Yue Lingxi back to the office,Let Tang Yiyi put down the work in his hand.,The two started busy。
Tang Yiyi inlaid,But under the guidance of Yue Lingxi,The master of the mind is also very fast.。
Time a minute and one second,One hour,Yue Lingxi completed the last inlaid,She looked at Tang Yiyi,Two people smiled excited 。
“Depend,Thanks for your hard work,You send the remaining gold silk back,I sent my dress.。”
Tang Yiyi is also tired enough,Polyjing God to do something,Time is really too fast,But very tired。