Chu Ning Hailton is awkward。

He did not imagine that Su Han’s growth will be so fast.,I didn’t think about it.,Phoenix Zongzong grows speed,Also this horror!
In their heart,Phoenix Zong,After all, it is just a nine-circle door.,Even the promotion of eight streams,It is still just an ants。
With the increasing use of the transfer array,More and more people,It is also more and more interests that Mantala’s earning.。
And whenever you think of this kind of interest,Let Su Han to get halfway,Chuinghai feels some unfair。
In their heart,First,All items required for this transmission array,All is the Wanbaoge,Why do you want to give Su Han??Su Han can say,At all, there is no price at all,Just master a method of establishing a transmission array.。
Second point,The Suman Sea on the surface of the Chu Ning sea,But in fact,His identity,This Zongmen in this far-mountain county,Even with the establishment of the earliest,It is also promoted the earliest cold Yunzong Zongzheng Lingqinghai,I have to respect it respect,Sentence is not good,Don’t say that it is the original Su Han,Even Ling Qinghai,His Chu Ninghai does not want to give,It will still not give!
No other reason,Just the Chu Ninghai does not want to give,that’s enough。
虽说Su Han的确可能因此不跟万宝阁合作,但万宝阁是什么势力?岂会任凭苏寒安然无恙的跟别的商行合作?简直是笑话!
苏寒看着楚宁海,平静道“NS一,立刻拿出Billion stone stone,送到凤凰宗当中,我回来的时候,一定要看到。第二,从今以后,我不会再与万宝商行合作,想来传送阵的利益,Other companies have also seen it.,How to choose,Your heart。”
Chu Ning Haidei hop,This number is really too many,Even if I gave the Phoenix Zong,Several profits that are sent together,There is absolutely no so much!
However,Su Han is the words behind him,I don’t listen at all.,After you finish it,Footsteps,Go directly into the transfer array,Only Yu Chu Ning Hai is gloomy,I don’t know what I am thinking.。
Looking at the Phoenix Real disciples,When the last disciple also stepped into the transfer array,Yinding on the face of Chu Ning,Become a bitter laugh。
“Stop,I am looking for it.……”
“Ten billion,I really can’t get it.,This matter should be applied to the above,How to decide,I have to look at it.。”
Think of this,Chu Ninghai looked at the transmission array,Take the light flash“苏寒,You grow up amazing speed,But my Wanbaoge,Can stand for so many years of Longwu Mainland,Not anyone can threaten,If you disagree……I don’t want to blame me.,Don’t be in your hand。”
This is a businessman,Laughter。
Look look,Like a brother,But really for interest,Still will kill decisive。!110
第95Chapter Bullying Chen Yang
Just when Shen Xuan is anxious,A black shadow first rushed out one step。
A flying,Put it directly to the hand of Chen Yang in the stone directly。
A scream,Chen Yang is more painful。
turn out to be,Xiao Huang first flew up,Biting Chen Yangchou’s arm,This bitter,Where is Chen Yang still use the stone to smash the rhubarb?!
“Small yellow,Well!”