“That’s good,I have time to give you a good time.。Pay one hand,Handle delivery。”

“That troublesome,I will do it at the time, I invite you to drink.。”
“Who says says like a rare thing?。You will come quietly.,But don’t be seen by my wife.”
The sound is automatically lowered by a word behind.。
“You will also start this.,Drink a wine, you have to secretly touch。”
“Don’t laugh at me too,You are still not a sample。Don’t think I don’t know,I don’t know who it is.,Hulld a gourd wine in the ground。I have been touched by others.,I also look for me to complain.。”
I can’t talk this day.。
“This is late,You should also rest。I don’t bother you.!Niu Niu,Come,Grandfather!”
It was revealed the old bottom,Some of the face of Su Ye is not going,I can’t afford to hide.!It’s really not too early.,Just picked the girls outside。
“Just promise me, don’t forget.!”
“rest assured,Can’t forget!”
This is a familiar line,Niu Niu estimated that I couldn’t forget to have two nets.。
“Su big brother promised you?!”
“nothing,nothing!What do you know?。”
I have a distance from the hospital gate.,Can also be relieved。
“Niu Niu!Grandpa is not good with you.!”
Grandpa Sui lost several times when the Niu Niu’s face was lost.,Some of the bottom is insufficient now.。
“Just talking about my grandfather, don’t tell you that milk is good.,Just as a small secret of our granddaughter。Waiting for the day,Boy is to buy my maltose.!”
“It’s a good thing to buy it.,Why don’t you tell milk?。Milk knows that it is sure to be happy,Don’t you let your milk?!”
Niu Niu smiled and bent,Have the moon on the treetop,Full of light
“Your stinky girl,I have learned your grandfather grandfather.!Letter, don’t believe my grandfather hit your ass!”
Niu Niu hugged the neck of Su Ye,On the side, I also shook my head to say that I don’t believe that Grandpa is also http://www.bsfoto.cn infected by this.,Soon laugh。
I didn’t go to the nugget, will I go back to tell my life, always keep the surprise is not??
NS27chapter Jealous
“father,You finally came back.!You don’t come back, I am still thinking about picking you.!The uncle said!”
“It’s such a big place,I can’t lose it.!You think about it.,You are a horse,What is wrong?!”
“Five acres of waterfield,Adding two acres of dry land!You guess how many silver!Niu Niu is not reminded.!”
Grandpa Su is also happy today,It is rare to sell Guan Chi with the late generations.。
“I am so happy to see it.,It seems that it is very cheap.。But the price of these five acres of Liangtian is low and less.!Niu Niu,Contemporaneously,Is more than twenty??”
The digital card of the big Bake is just right.!Niu Niu didn’t know how to pick this sentence.,I will http://www.adorn168.cn take my head for a while.,Others are confused.。