Su Yiman took Xia Jian and changed his clothes and shoes,Led the club and the ball,Went up a small hill,She said very professionally:“We just play here“Then he beckoned to the caddie in the distance。

Xia Jian swings the club,A look of excitement,Thought,Don’t you just hit the ball??What is so difficult。
First0223chapter Coincidence in the sunset
A sport that people love,Naturally it has its sports skills in it,Xia Jian relied on brute force,Hit a lot,He didn’t even hit a ball。
Looking at him with sweat on his face,Su Yiman smiled and showed off,Today she is very happy。A white sportswear,Plus a pair of white sneakers,Her gestures,As beautiful as a flying fairy。
“Don’t look stupid,It’s as if words are engraved on someone’s face“Su Yiman glanced at Xia Jian as if he was angry,Came over,Teach him how to play。
A little ball,Either can’t hit,Either hit,Hit distance,I haven’t thrown my hand far,This is a big man Xia Jian is so busy,Finally, under Su Yiman’s guidance,He can finally play the ball。
Early spring sun,Shining warmly on the earth,Elegant environment on the golf course,Makes people feel like flying,Xia Jian and Su Yiman sitting under the pergola,While drinking a drink,Chatting,From the conversation,He just knew,The ticket price to enter it is not low,It’s not something ordinary people can play,It seems that the boss of this entrepreneurial group,Derailed from the times。
As the name suggests is to play,But the time for two people to sit and chat together,Much more time than playing,It seems that this game is just a dagger。
Watching the sun setting west,Xia Jian said to Su Yiman:“I invite you to dinner tonight“
“OK!Where are we going!“It seems that Su Yiman didn’t want to stay here long ago。
The car moves together,Where did they plan to go?,Su Yiman is familiar with Bucheon,Final confirmation,Just go to Spring Garden,Listen to Su Yiman,This is the newly opened hotel,Not only good environment,And the dishes are all。