Just in this moment,This seemingly harmless middle-aged woman,It is like a cheetah who found opportunities.。
too fast。
Flavor,She has buracted the wrist of the moon,Washing,And the other arm is bent in the neck of the moon.。
The moon is screaming,Then I feel that the neck is cold and the touch。
“Don’t move!”
Middle-aged women don’t know when you have a dagger,Dead to the throat between the moon,Sad appearance before again。
on the contrary,At this time, she takes the light,Full face murderous。
Sudden scene,Shocked everyone。
No one thinks,http://www.googlewatch.cnMiddle-aged woman who knees ahead of a child to die for death,In an instant, it became a poor gangster。
“Let go of Miss Miss!”
The first reaction is the middle-aged big man of the bodyguard.,Just now he is not around the moon,But still standing in front of the police。
At this moment, he is full of fierce.,Blocking each other’s retreat。
“Let go of Miss Miss。”
The latter police also drink。
Middle-aged women are not moving,Dagger against the moon,Both eyes look to the bodyguard,“Step aside,All let,Otherwise, I will kill her now.!”
“What do you want……”
Middle-age bodyguard just said a few words,Just see the dagger in the middle of the middle-aged woman has begun to force,And the white neck of the moon has left a shallow blood mark。
“Step aside!”
Middle-aged women drink again。
See this,Middle-aged bodyguard waving,The front bodyguard is retreating。
“get off。”
Middle-aged women took the moon to go to the business car,Drink a driver。
“Listen to her。”The bodyguard is immediately instructing,Spirate,“You don’t want to be chaotic!”
“You should not keep up with it.,Otherwise, I killed her.!”
Middle-aged woman left a sentence,Into the moon entered the car,And then roar,The business car is like a steel beast roaring and rushed outward.。
A chaotic chaos of the whole people of Baihua Group。
“A big event。”Liu Qingqing and Qinling are opposed to each other,I have seen the perseverance in each other.。
NS085chapter Chaotic situation
When the summer gets a message,It is already a matter of five minutes.。
Liu Qingqing and Qinling are completely chaotic。
Although they control a group company,But after all, I have not experienced such emergencies.。
They only know,The moon is kidnapped at the door of the Baihua Group,Anyone,They are all out of date。
Moreover,They are trying to invite the moon to come,The real purpose is to revenge summer。
Even if no one knows,Their two are difficult to face the suffering and embarrassment。
I have been waiting until those policemen and bodyguards catch up.,The two thought of summer,I immediately rushed to the security department.。