Just finished this,Li Hui’s mobile phone ring tone will ring directly.。

“You are busy with you first.,I will pick you up at night.。”
Finish,Zheng Tiancheng leaves directly。
And Li Hui Feng saw the phone number on the phone,The brow is can’t be frowned.。
He didn’t expect Gao Bai Xue really to call him。
“Hey,Lee,Hot point of hot point at night,Don’t see it。”
I heard this position of Gao Bai Xue,Li speaks directly to the wind.,After all, the place is noisy.,Almost still very easy to provoke。
“Hey-hey,Beauty at the same table,You are so quiet, http://www.finnspace.cn actually chooses such a lively place.,How do I feel that there is a wonderful thing tonight?。”
Li Hui’s words directly let high white snow,Although she can’t see Li Hui’s look,But she can understand what the wonderful things in Li Hui Range。
After all, the place like hot di is full of presences over the night.。
She doesn’t know why Sun Yaru will choose such a place.。
But thinking about Sun Yaru said,She is also a bit of heart。
Because she hasn’t been to the place once.,And Sun Yaru has never been,Think of Li Hui’s protection,They entered,It is also a good choice。
“呸呸 呸呸,What do you think??
I have already gone out of the school gate now.,Where are you?
Let’s go find you,Or you come to find us。”
Not you alone?”
Li Hui has heard a different unusual feeling from the high white http://www.hojoy888.cn snow.。
“nonsense,If I have a separate with you alone,How do Qin teachers think about me??
And I ask for guests,Nature wants to call a few good sisters together.。”
Just now,Sun Yaru is also pinching a sweating.,I am afraid that Li speaks from the wind.,It’s good to have a high white snow.。
And Li Hui also doesn’t think too much.,After all, Gao Bai Xue said very reasonable.。
“Row,Then I am going to find you.,You are waiting for me in the entrance of the small courtyard.。”
The phone is still what to say?,But Li Hui has already hanged the phone directly.,Then I called a taxi and went straight to the school.。
When he got off the bus, he saw Gao Snow and Sun Yaru.,He is a bit wonderful。
He has worked hard to work with Sun Yawu.,Don’t understand what the other party thinks,Again,I will find myself again.。
Gao Bai Snow Nature also saw that Li Hui Feng flashed on the face.。
But she is not thinking about it.,Directly holding Sun Yaru’s hand came to Li Hui。
Laugh:“Let it go,I will ask you to eat some snacks.,Then go to Judi。”
Looking at high white snow a pair of eyes full of expectations,I think this time is a bit drop with each other.,He is really some unscrupulous refused。
“Hey-hey,Anyway, you have a way,You spend money,Nature should listen to your arrangement。”
“Humph,Also do you know。”
Finish,High white snow directly pulls Sun Yar’s hand in front of the road。
Sun Yarru is very conservative today,Although conservative but does not lose sexy。
A todded shorts,A canvas shoes,One-piece looseTShirt。
Two slender cleansing http://www.iyanbang.cn jade legs all the way,Especially although the road light is opened,The light is illuminated on the snow white jade leg.。
And the other party walked up the way, such as Liu Zhi, swaying a general figure,It is even more attractive to countless passers-by.。