really,Xiao Yuan’s thoughts,It’s more deep than Xiao Yun.。

“Royal surviving seven or eight emperors,Fu Yunyi is indeed a little smart.。This Liu Xinyi,Really calculate a key point of contact。”
“Let them pass。Staring them is。”
Although he also wants to solve these rumors,But he also wants Yunqin to come to himself.,Let him do this。Moreover,Even if Yunqin’s represented,He also has a way to restore her reputation,Even the last floor。
Narrate,Xiao Yun slightly,He thought that the master will immediately press it.,I don’t think it is a self-circulation.。but,Thinking that the master is not the kind of person who cares about the name,And completely powerful,There is。
“That,How to deal with the prescription left by the five princess?I have seen Du Zhong.,Although the prescription is quirky,But there is indeed the role of conditioning the body。”
“only,Conditioning the body,Eucommia can come out。This prescription,I haven’t tried it in the end.,I don’t know the efficacy,or,Still put it first?” Eucommia,Du,Famous Zhong,Taken from a flavor。It is the doctor from Xiao House.,It is also the god doctor who is in the rivers and lakes.。I have been studying the law’s legs in the government since ten years ago.。
He has seen the prescription,Say no problem,Of course there is no problem。I can’t think of this five princess, I will really do some medical skills.。Also said that the master,certainly,Now,He is not believed。
at the same time,Did not tell Eucommia,This prescription is claimed to be able to cure the people of Wang Ye legs.,otherwise,I am afraid that Du Zhong is going to run the palace to see people.。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS12chapter You, you are.12
“From tonight,Make people follow the above,Take it to me。”
Xiao Yuan does not bear Xiao Yun thinking,I didn’t barely agreed to drink medicine at all.。
Xiao Yun also had to take the medicine.,According to the prescription,Give Xiao Yuan medicine every day。As for the rumor,The master said that it is temporarily put down.。
These two emperors are also bold,The protocol’s rumors dare to spread,Have to say courage。
Since the master says it doesn’t matter,Then it is temporarily let him‘Arrogant’。
And Fu Yunyi, who is in Xiao Yunkou, is really bold??actually,Fu Yunyi is also a bit。
Second emperor。
“Hose,The rumor has already been put out.。only,Xiao Yuan is deeply effective,If it is known to him, we are”
Fu Yunyi’s first heart belly is a bit panic,Output countless times,Have seen all kinds of people,But this is this Xiao Yuan,He never look through,It is unable to control it.。
Ji Yu Yunyi, looking at a somewhere in front of the window,Low head,Get a hand of the hand in your hand,I didn’t speak for a time.。
In fact, Xiao Yuan is this person.,Be the head of the hundred officials,It’s really powerful,Champion,Although there is no one in it,But it is easy to do one hundred。
Such a person,He always wondered。Dim,Many times。But I have been blocked by Xiao Yuan’s four two-two jack.。
Fortunately,Xiao Yuan is neutral,Not clearly said that the emperor。
Father’s father,Already there is no more time。He prepared for so many years,Arrow on the strings,Have to send。
If Xiao Yuan really stands out and he is right,Then don’t blame him.!
“Know how?!We make people spread messages,Mainly in Fu Yunqin,Up to just give Xiao Yuan,What impact on Xiao Yuan can’t cause。”
“Moreover,Xiao Yuan is not a person who cares about this rumor.。So many years,Huangcheng is a bad in Whayu,Criminal,Which of you can see Xiao Yuan??Not a meal after people’s meals?!”
Flying shadows are still some hesitation,“But,Today, the five princess actually stayed in Xiaofu for a whole day.。Xiao Yuan will want to block when he will be in the past.”
“So many years,When did you see Xiao Yuan when you have a pity??”
The flying head is lower.,I didn’t see Xiao Yuan in this emperor city.,Which everyone has a show‘Close’Idea。But don’t know why,This five grandmaster actually stayed in Xiaofu for a whole day.,Always make him feel different from。
“Send people to stare at Xiao Yuan is。If Xiao Yuan is really taking this matter,Then let him have no chance!”Fu Yunyi,Half-shaped face in the dark,The moonlight is shine in the dark pupil,Everything is spicy。