He is a master of five,I have already been able to inverse the law、Memory and body law。

At the beginning of the Tiger Mountain,Sword of the ninth brigade,It is what he is rebounded.。
Not long ago, Zhang Yongnianxiao,Summer has decided。
This set of law,Still abiding in the original sword array。
Summer debride,Condensed concentration,Extremely boldly。
More refined,Be more easy to understand。
But first, we must understand the alms and essentials.。
After he shot,I have been taking the three people.,Let them use the indication action。
Really effective!Even very http://www.leitapp.cn powerful power。
Their squad,I hit the countless sword。
Knife sword,I will start the sky。
One time,Shout,Bury,Shouting and mixing。
“Tope me!”
Summer is drinking,Once again, the sword。
So,Their combat power is very high.。
As long as it is the sword magist of them,It will be killed soon。
“Bros,Pluck,Never lose to those garbage!”
Zhang Hong’s eyes are red,Hurry,Operate the whole body,Big gun,Continuous sweep,Gun shadow。
However, this scene is in the back of Zhang Yongnian,But let his heart to the bottom of the valley。
The gap between the two sides is too big.。
Short time,Summer five people have killed five swordsman。
Zhang Hong, but only two。
“call out!”
In Zhang Yongnian,I saw the big gun in the hands of the summer as if I live.。
Time open big,Flip。
Time to http://www.tuolianwang.cn tie,Exquisite。
Dictionary is a common type of long gun,It is shrouded a layer of black flame flame.,Transplanting a strong mysterious。
A shock sweep,Heavy 砸 魔,I actually hilt the sword magic.。
To know,The http://www.dongejiao.cn sword magic is all fine iron-like substances.,Weighing thousands of thousands of people,Actually being robbed。
How much power this!Just in the moment of the sword,Thursday is like a light and shadow。
A dazzling cold light splash。