He is waiting for Wei Xia width。

“Two of them,Chen Chang arrived in Qi,If you die,Not our responsibility,He will not die.,But will go to http://www.thmos.cn Yucheng,In the high hand。
At that time,What is the idea??”
Got Chen Chang’s Qi,It’s hard to say that it will rise again to intervene in Chen Guo.。
At least this is an unmatched temptation。
certainly,Wei Xiaoxuan did not expect to be successful,But how to say that Zhou Ruo has lost this burden,“presentable”Returned hostage,Put the hot salad to the side of the north。
And North Qi is currently in a very close stage of business cooperation with Nan Chen.。
When the relationship between the two countries will do not change?,It’s hard to say。
Ten thousand steps,If the high ocean really endures the temptation,so what?
What is the loss of Zhou State??
not at all。
So this business is no sale.,Completely do。
“The Ming Guo is really a minister of Zhou Guo.。”
Yu Yu stands up,Deep worship in Wei Xia。
“Your Majesty is heavy。”
This is really http://www.mideajfl.cn too he.,It can be said to be poisonous to the extreme。
Between the two countries,Nothing really friend,Only use each other。
North Qi discovers that there is a chip in your hand,Can,So they will choose“Put 挟”Chen Wei,Still directly, Chen Chang is the emperor,Get a regime in Jiangbei?
This is all possible options,Can only say a lot of choices,However, seemingly optimal options,It may be a poison wrapped in honey。
“Your Majesty,These are just some of the fine branches.,We have between Qi,In the end, it is still necessary to rely on the knife.。”
Wei Xiaothi shakes his head,Give Yuzi a pot of cold water。
Chen Chang may have an effective effect,But North Qi and South Chen have so early still compromise,The possibility of turning face is very small。after all,Yangzhou business is too important,Even seriously affecting the economy of the two countries。
Hundreds of miles of the Yangtze River,Executable family relying on these food。Based on Chen Chang, you can also work on the waves.?Just with him also match??
“So to say,It is not easy to say,I sent Chen Chang to Chen Guo.。This matter let Yang Jian go to do it.,You don’t come out。”
If Wei Xia width is responsible for Zhang Luo,That is not clear, is there a plot??A lot of things is still not so straightforward.。
After leaving the palace,Wei Xia width always seems to have anything to have, the heart is not the same,It seems that I ignore a very important information.。
“Leader,What is the soul of the soul today??Is your Majesty not agree with your advice??”
The Xin Dao Constitution http://www.eiviy.cn is curious。Wei Xia width is a wise man,Little will have such a expression。
suddenly,Wei Xiaofan stopped,He organized a sleeve,Looking at the Xin Decheng:“you say,Why do Gao Bi wants to make the winner of the gods to eat chicken duck??What did he think of??
You can eat chicken and ducks to make the soldiers more robust?I have always thought about this in the palace.,Best can’t understand。”
Wei Xiaoxuan,Really guess this puzzle。
In fact, the soldiers have more powerful,Euda has no professional research,But it does not represent the leader of the generation of generations.。
Nothing to eat chicken duck,The problem is,Abandon pig and lambs and special chicken duck,This is something that I can’t say.,More like deliberate。