He walks with Su Xiaoxue,What is the relationship between the two?。

One time,Dusty heart is complicated,Various thoughts。
At this time,I have been http://www.zx-power.cn open to Feng Tian’s departure.,“Go to exchange the chips,We continue to gamble before。”
Unlesseds,Dusty, fairy,“Mr. Xia has not exchanged chips?,Since I bet Mr. Xia,How can Mr. Xia?。”
Say,Slightly,A young cold channel to the body,“Go to exchange 100 million chips。”
Youth response,Turned to step away。
And around everyone,Including Feng Tian’s vertical and Zhao Yusi,All stunned。
Then it is an envoy eye.。
This kid is running with the dog.,It turned out to be so popular,Not only don’t pay yourself,Moreover, I will take the opportunity to catch the dust.。
How many men dream of,It was actually succumbed by this kid.。
“Ha ha。”
Next to Xiao Xinyu Shuanglang,“Since Miss Chen is so generous,I can’t be too embarrassed.,go,Exchange for 100 million chips to these gentlemen……”
“No need。”
http://www.jdxycl.cn Feng Tian agreed,Sound,It’s proud of the eyes.,“Thank you boss,I still don’t miss it.。”
“Ha ha,it is good,This valte seems to be a cool person.。”
Xiao Xinyu laughed again,Subsequently surrounded,Loudly,“Allocate,The mouth has been opened.,Please pay attention to everyone.。”
He reminded him,Surrounded by gamblers,Excited between the look,Suspected to the right direction。
There has been set up the mouth.,Xiao Xinyu and Dust Immortal are a one more odds。
“I bought 100,000 dust。”
“500,000 dust。”
“Xiao Xinyu 200,000。”
“……one million。”
Almost,The whole casino hall boils,Lively。
In this side,The people who have dusty fairy have exchanged 100 million chips.,Handed a summer。
Here,There is no opinion in the summer.。
But more determined,Where do you have to see the dust?,And there have been http://www.lyhtp.cn intersection。
But in the summer, I didn’t want to go deep.,For him,Curious, what is a slag。
“Say,How to gamble。”
This moment of Feng Tian is extremely confident,“Casual,I am free to accompany。”
“We are the first time to come to the casino,Not familiar to many gambling。”Summer,“Gamble is better than size,Fifth game,20 million。In the middle, there is no upper limit,The number of points is the same,Resilience。”
Fall into the voice,Faced around the gambler’s face。
More than them,Xiao Xinyu,Dusty fairy,Zhao You is also frowning。
Even if Feng Tian’s face is also slightly changed,Soon recovery。
In his plan,This casino is that he secretly controlled。