“Niu Niu,My mother is not a mother.,I am not a daddy.”

A silent,Hezi language is amazing。
Niu Niu almost didn’t plant it directly from the air.。
How do you tell Hezi?!How do she know??
“Can’t believe it is right.!I can’t believe it all.!Mother is so good to me,How can I not have their children??”
“But later, some people said,I have a different from my brother.”
“Small boaster、Xiao Qi also grows with my big brother. They are different.!But they are I looked at the mother.,So don’t necessarily!I am different from the big brother.!”
“Boys and girls always have different differences!Those people don’t know anything,You don’t want to be true.!You must be a born!”
Niu Niuzui intermediary,Say vowed。
Naihe Gezi has already identified this matter,It seems to have exact http://www.cunyiwifi.cn evidence。
“Niu Niu,Don’t comfort me.!I am telling you.,Dog egg is not my parent!but”
Hezi suddenly stopped,Look to the distance。
Niu Niu followed a breath,Can’t。
“But they are very good for me.,I will also be good to them later.!As long as they are willing to want me,so I”
“Wheum,Don’t cry, don’t cry.!Uncle and 婶 will definitely want you,No longer,Don’t you have me??You come directly to find me.,My grandparents can like you.!”
Niu Niu carefully wandered from the swing,Wipe the grass。
It is definitely that he is uncle, they are not careful to listen to the grass when they say whispers.。
But when the light looks at the water,Hao’s sadness and despair,You can know that their love for Hezi is not half-born.。
“Niu Niu,I asked my brother.,He said that the county is powerful.!It is a daughter of http://www.espressomovie.cn Wang Ye.!He also said,In addition to the emperor is the most powerful!”
“so,Wang Ye definitely can’t raise a child??Then why don’t he want me??why”
Hezi looks at the distance,Bamboo
Niu Niu also bloomed,I really didn’t think that the amount of identity information of Whez is so big.
An attitude towards Hezi,Is it because I know this??Who is he??
How many secrets he know?
“Wheum,Those things have passed!Now you have a luxury、Aunt,Dog egg brother still has me。In the village, there are Linzi, and all of our people like you very much.”
Niu Niu hugged。
She is a little understanding of the mood of Wozi,But only awkward comfort
Even if the mother is very good,But abandoned,Always a point that is difficult to let go
247chapter Lushan true face
After crying,The mood of Whez http://www.tok-bearing.cn is gradually stabilized
“Niu Niu,I didn’t scare you.!I did not do it on purpose,I just is”
Hezi is sorry,Eye is still red。
“fine,I know that you didn’t hold back.。I’m not here,You can’t tell others.,I am sure that I have been in my heart.!”
“You are willing to tell me,I am very happy.。What do you meet later?,You also tell me!It’s uncomfortable.!So beautiful, a little girl,If you are broken, it is not good.!”