Shen Xuan said,Speed suddenly accelerate。

Ma Xingzu saw here,do not know why。
His whole person’s heart,It’s even more urgent.。
After all, this matter,What happened to suddenly。
Even completely,Let Ma Xingzu have some can’t get defense。
And as Ma Xingzu is so,It is even more exciting Shen Xuan.,For this scene,I don’t have a serious event。
After all, all this,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,I feel very light.。
“Humph,Obstacle,So,I will send you to the road.!”
Shen Xuan finished,Speed suddenly accelerate,Directly。
The guards of the horse,When I saw this scene,It’s all coming out.,I want to stop Shen Xuan。
But why,Their strength and Shen Xuan are compared,It’s too bad.。
So now,Even if their hearts are deep,Really have this thought,They have already been feeling,Some force is not from the heart。
quickly,Constantly there is the guard of Majia’s guards。
This,It is even when the warriors of those Wars have seen this scene.,I feel more shocking。
“My goodness,This is not exempted,It’s too exaggerated。”
“Saying right.,before this,Who can think of,Actually become this。”
“It’s just too told.,However, it is our church.,Who can match。”
Although the warrior of these War Temple said that,But they didn’t stop working on hand.。
After all, here is here,They have not forgotten,What are they come here?。
That is what is now,at all costs,Be sure to add these people to this.。
So next,All this looks,It has become a water to the stream.。
As for Shen Xuan,It is a hard work,It has been directly coming to the front of Ma Xingzu。
Shen Xuan is grateful,Watching Ma Xingzu in front of you,Can’t help but express it, just like one:“what happened,Don’t you want to say something now??”
“maybe,This has become you in this world.,There are not many words.!”
When Shen Xuan said here,Ma Xingzu’s face,First, I feel shocked.。
But very fast,Instead,It is a kind of anger that can’t say。
The more now,Ma Xingzu looked at him,It is more representative of performance.。 “Humph,Shen Xuan,You will be difficult to die.。”
“People of each family,Never let you go!”
Ma Xingzu looked at Shen Xuan,It’s even a roaring in Shen Xuan.。
And as Ma Xingzu said here,This,Take the Shen Xuan itself,For this matter,Insufficient fundamental。
These,But just like this.。