Dark brown rocks of various shapes,Just like growing from the flat ground,Densely packed,The big one is ten feet long,Small like a table and stool coffee table,Just http://www.ntglmall.cn like Lunan Stone Forest,But the scale is much larger,Winding down the valley,Can’t see the head at a glance,The two saw their scalp numb,Fortunately there is no intensive phobia,Otherwise I can’t go on anymore。

“Take a break,Look carefully。”Xu Wen found a place leeward,Put down the backpack,Pull out the compass,I saw the pointer spinning wildly,Can’t settle down at all,It seems to start from the black stone forest,The magnetic field has become very disordered。
“strange,Such a unique place,Why haven’t you seen any records and reports??And while chatting with the fellow,Never heard him talk about it。”Shen Yingjie is careful,Watching the surroundings,While carefully recalling the scene of entering the valley。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Two Bones
The rocks on both sides are not as straight and steep as before,There is even a significant angle of inclination in some places,You can see the rolling mountains,It’s very different from the situation just now,The two seem to have reached the other side of the mountain。
“I seem to hear the birds chirping again。”Shen Yingjie looked around looking for her voice,It’s a pity except for the black stone formation ahead,Is the surrounding rocks and the blue sky above。
Xu Wen frowned,He has never heard the bird’s call,So as not to cause overreaction,He didn’t gnaw,But proposed to head towards Blackstone。
Stepping into a land full of black rocks,The feeling of palpitations when I first entered the valley reappeared,It’s just not that serious,Xu Wen can barely bear it,Shen Yingjie looks okay,To prevent accidents,The two are moving very slowly,No one knows what is hidden behind the huge stone。
Go deeper,Xu Wenfa’s steps are getting heavier and heavier,As if walking into a super-energy gravity field,I asked Shen Yingjie how he felt,She is the same,Seeing the black stone formation still can’t see,Xu Wen decided not to take risks at the same time。
“Or else,You first quit the black stone circle,I try my limit,If it’s not right, you will rush back。”
“No way,Go together,I’m not so delicate。”Shen Yingjie opposed。
“What’s so controversial?I tried if it doesn’t work,You try again,Mainly to eliminate danger,No one can help but be strong?”
Have a few disputes,I can’t see it,Shen Yingjie had to retreat to the black stone formation under Xu Wen’s gaze,But as soon as I turned around, I almost screamed,Because she saw the outline of a face appeared on a long strip of rock not far away,big eyes,Wide nose,Mouth shaped like a giant basin,The thick and sharp teeth are comparable to mountain bamboo shoots,Live like a mountain ghost,The moment Shin Yingjie http://www.qingshihuangfei.cn turned around,This thing’s eyeballs seem to move,But then the face turned into a dry black rock,As if nothing happened,Just an illusion。