mother,Are all arranged??”

Qin Ning smiled,Graceful and luxurious face flashes:“All arranged,A few days latersHotel has a banquet,Lu Haoheng and Gu Anan will go,Gu An An Yi must marry Lu Haozheng,Let’s have her wish.。”
“Mom gives a horse,Nothing is not,Unfortunately, seven years ago,That woman went wrong room,otherwise,How can Lu Haocheng have a achievement today??”
Lu Haokai is full of face,Lu Hao Cheng’s practice,Let him breathless。
A clothing company,Can also be operated so soon,There are also various industries under his name.,They are gradually surpassing Lu Yu Group under his business.。
“Ha ha!”
Qin Ning smiled a few times,She glances outside the window。
“At least Gu An An,Is what we can control,Instead of marrying other women,Not as good as we find a woman we can control。”
Qin Ning’s eyes have a touch of virus。
These property,I will become a three-person mother and child.。
Lu Haozheng must disappear from this world。
NS49chapter:I can’t see you

NS49chapter:I can’t see you
Lu Haokai,The bottom is full of stunning,“mom,You this idea is very good.!That’s?”
His eyes are sinking,And Lu Haozheng for so many years,I have not won once.。
This time,I can win Lu Hao Cheng。
Qin Ning is proud to pick up the brow,The eyes are at the bottom of the eyes,“I heard that he has recently improved a design director.,Very good for this design,On the way back to the company,Mother met Gu Mrs and Gu Anan,Gu Anan said,I took them early this morning.。
Lu Hao is not close to the color,Rarely interested in women,Must prevent him。”
Hear,Lu Haokai, like a starry and narrow eye,Have a touch of thinking。
He is very eye-catching,Sneer:“mom,This Gu An An is not a ingdom of the owner.,Clearly know that we and Lu Hao Cheng,Also tell you this news。”
Qin Ning didn’t smile,Vicious eye,Foundation is full of calculations,“Kaikai,you are wrong,Gu Ai’an is not an uneasiness,But very smart,She knows that we have always wanted her to marry Lu Haozheng,She said like this,I want us to halt the design director。”
Lu Haokai suddenly smiled,The narrow peach blossom eye has been scratched:“She is going to play as a plan,She is not a raising a woman,I must marry her.,After all, Gu Jia is in Jiangyou.,It is also a family with a face.。”
That Lu Haozheng gas field is too cold,General person,Don’t talk to him.,Just standing outside his one meter,Can feel the cold from the bottom of the feet。
But that Gu Anan,I am in the body of Lu Haozheng.。
Ignore myself.,Think here,Lu Haokai has some angry。
He suddenly smiled,Think from a few days,Lu Haocheng’s face angry and unambiguous look,He is very happy with his heart.。
I heard this,Qin Ning is cold in his eyes.,Sharp voice:“Lu Haokai,If you talk about it in front of me?,In front of the outside,You’d better gave me my honestly closed mouth。
Gu Anan is no longer,It is also a nursery,In the river,She is still a big lady of Gu Jia,Even if you marry her,Gu family will not care about you,Unfortunately, it is a pity,That Gu Jia and Gu Ai’an,I can’t see you。”
“mom!Do you use this way to combat your son??”Lu Haokai is not happy,That sentence, I can’t see him.,Thoroughly let his heart rose a grievance。
What’s up with him?
Handsome and gold,When is it round to Gu An An Eight Ugly Women?。
Qin Ning looked at the angry son and smiled.,She is in one fell swoop,It is up and down in the whole body.:“Kaikai,Because I am your mother,I will tell you the truth.,Because you are the president of Lu Yong Group,Everyone else is confident in you,Only mothers will tell the truth,Let you recognize the facts。Time is not early,Can’t pack it home.!”
Qin Ning got up,I went out of my luxurious handbag.。
Lu Haokai is boring to get up the computer,Ready to go home。
City night,High-rise building,Multicolored neon glitter。
Tianzhu,Star moon flashes。
A row of colliled street lights,Bright rays,Trees along the street,Distribution。
Blue Xin and Xixi have a roast string,Slowly walk back。
Blue Xin blame:“熙,I can’t afford the house and worry.,This can buy a house is also very worried.,Looking for a day,Still not suitable。”