“Um!”Ou Jing nodded,Looking at the black peak in the dish,He is satisfied with the hook corner。

This is his most handless dish,He also likes to eat!
Lu Haocheng looked at the delicate steak,Slightly hidden lips,“Landscape,Your good dishes,After your future wife,Can be a blessing。”
Ou Jingli low elegant cut steak,Did not answer his words。
Lu Haocheng ate a bite,It’s better to eat more than going to the restaurant.。
He said:“Landscape,I am going with http://www.xingxingguotongfu.cn you.!”
“Um!”Lu Hao nodded。
“good!But I will wait for a day.,You think about it.。”European reminds。
Lu Hao’s face slightly,Say:“I am talking about movies today.,But the blue feet are hurt.,I have nothing to do.,Isn’t it just watching a book??
We often like this,One day for me,Not difficult。”
If you encounter Xiao Jun and Kiki,Then he is also very interesting this day.。
“good,That is going to finish。”Ou Jing said,Drink a bite on the side of the side。
Lu Haocheng looked at him,Drinking water is also the same elegance,This guy,It’s really even his man will be amazed.,He laughed:“Landscape,You are really violent,Steak with white boiling water。
There is red wine at home,Why don’t you take red wine??”
Ou Jing, there is no expression:“with you,Can’t drink。”
“Cough”Lu http://www.fstongye.cn Haocheng was given by him.。
He quickly drank a water,The look is somewhat unresolved:“European,What do you mean?”
He is a man with a stable Taishan,Will be broken by him.。
How can I eat it with him?,Does he have so seepage??
This woman in the river,I want to marry him all the team.?
but,He just likes blue blue。
European is still elegant,I didn’t see Lu Hao Cheng, he continued to eat his own。
I ate a steak:“You are not my wife。”
“Cough”Lu Hao Cheng was squatted again。
He didn’t expect Ou Jing, will throw such a Rayman bomb.。
He rose red hands,Looking at the European,“European,Your way of this,Can you change one change??”
“Habit,Can’t change。”Ou Jing, faintly throwing two words。
Lu Hao Cheng is nothing to say。
He feels that he is cold.,Can this European,More cold than him!
never mind,He still feels yourself,Save it again。
Lu Hao is low,Soon a steak。
Ou Jing, looked at him.,Go to the dishes in front of him.。
Lu Haozheng,Be extremely happy。
Ou Jing, can be more than Mu Zizi.。