The living room was filled with lights.,槐 sitting on the ground,Nan Ge shakes the two lang legs sitting on the sofa,The group kneeling next to her.,Put a sponge baby in the TV。

The group has twisted the head,Bright crystalline eyes stare at him,Curious asked:“Who are you going??”
The adults of the group seem to be so lively.。
Zhou exposed a smile。
Yu Guangyi,I saw that Nan Ge still shakes the Erlang legs.,Solitably starting at the Pakistan:“Listening to the man, the motorcycle, the motorcycle, the motorcycle, is going to run.?”
Zhou Zhi Wen said that he can’t help but。
This actually can’t revoke!
He is speechless to the sek——
The old monster is still sitting on the ground,Go back to him,Unfair,Silence means that you are really true.。
Really naive。
Zhou Shaken shook his head,Sit down by Nan Ge:“Just I want to tell you……This morning, I took a photo.,The result is a monster,I ride to find her.。Then follow her at the police station.,Just sent her back。I am afraid she doesn’t dare to take the scenery in the future.。”
“Where is the monster encountered?”
“Outside the city,A mountain。”
“You really have a sister to run the mountain.!”Nange serious road,Still shooting your thigh,Probably imitating the gavel。
“……”Zhou ignore her,Come down and say,“I said to Baozi is going together.,You are falling in the middle of your legs.,The police were taken by the police。That place called Xi Shi Village,We met very rich fog when we climbed.,You pay attention to the details,Don’t reveal stuffing。”
“I don’t want to lie.?”
“Then you have a vague past。”
“Well。”Nan Ge thought about it,“This can be。”
“Thank you big brother。”
“Sage is unfamiliar。”Nan Ge Arch, arched, atmospheric,“Did the buns were scared??”
“How much……”Circumference,“Normal people will。”
“I thought she was not normal.!”Nan Ge pretend to be surprised,Repeatedly,“Since it is a monster,Call her to pay the money to the buns.,Hey-hey,Bunzi definitely like。”
“I don’t want to listen to things.?”Zhouzhi pinching a strawberry in the mouth,“Meet your gossip。”
“This is curious!”
Nan Ge lowered the TV volume,Zhouzhi started to tell。