And Miss Han Jiang and Xiao Jiaxun is an old acquaintance,Xiao Yun said that there is a person who hides the identity in the foreign countries.。

What is the famous man is afraid?,Self-optimism,I haven’t seen Xiao Yun specially to find the child of the little family to chat alone.。
Han Jiang huh, I don’t explain.,Zhou Wei also thought he was default.,Behind it is actually another power。
At this time, Li Ran came over with the wine glass.,Drake a glass of wine to Hanjiang。
When I entered the Fengqiang Mountain, I didn’t have a good opportunity to bring Hanjiang.,Now come back to make a bit late.,But always。
“Where is the Korean brother?,I can hear some people say that Han Jiang is a place, but I am.,Where is I grow up?,Haven’t heard of the Korean brother’s first figure?。”
Hanjiang drinks drinks,Smile, don’t say,Li Ran has no way,I can’t think about it.。
Now I want to pay more than those of Hanjiang.,How many people come, take a daughter at home?,What is the matter of marriage。
certainly,In this world, the qualifications of men and women practices in this world are almost the same.,Daughter can marriage,Sons can of course throw out,For the family,I have to sacrifice something。
Li Ran did not find a few words.,Seeing Hanjiang did not interested him not bothering。
Who is not a smile in the hall?,Talking about each other,Even Xiao Jia also is inevitable。
Only two cold doors in the area,Directity of self-sufficiency。
Han Jiang is still good,I will drink a glass of people to say two sentences.,
Zhou Wei did more,Don’t look at it。
Such means,I didn’t let these so-called big people’s heart resentment,Instead, most are thinking young people,Martial arts,Nothing is a little proud。
Can sit here, don’t climb?,That is also a kind of matter。
Of course, more people have identified the forefront of the two people.,Not far away from your identity,Xiao Jia is also interested in helping covering one or two。
A whole night,Xiao Yun is busy with a small gyro,Accompany your father to know outstanding children,I have no reason to say two words from Hanjiang.。
Occasionally, my eyes met.,Rapida looks a grievance,I want to take him with him and Zhou Wei.。
Han Jiang is going to help,But by Zhou Wei。
Dinner end,Han Jiang back to the room,Just turned on the door and was opened again,A red figure hits Han Jiang Huai。
Han Jiang said quickly:“What are you doing?,You don’t know how many people’s eyes are staring on you.,Come to my room,Do you want to break his legs by you??”
Now the Fengqiang Mountain is gathered in so many family names.,Xiao Jia’s young girl is a Her family’s face,If it is found to be able to run, Han Jiang is running,But the taste of being chased is not good.。
There are still many problems in this world waiting for Xiao Yun to solve,That is, he can’t walk.,Otherwise, how can you stay with Xiao Yun here?。
Xiao Yunhuai’s face is blushing because of drinking,I spit the wine in my mouth:“What is there?,Miss Miss Wugong,Who can live with me??”
Zhou Wei’s unhamined voice appeared,Tangle,There is a rumored son to sit in the window edge,One-hand folding fan gently fanatically。
“Humph,You are bothering!”Xiao Yun is unperferent to Zhou Yisi。
Chapter 513 of course there are exceptions
“You are annoying!”Zhou Wei did not let it。
“I don’t know where the woman who has not been boudoad.,Running into a man’s room a day。”
Xiao Yun put two qi,I don’t know what I thought.,Look instantly flat and many,Smile:“Yes,Cut a princess,Specializing in the night black wind running in the man’s room,Say that the face of a country is lost.。”
“Did I lost the face of Zheng Guo,Xiao Jia’s face is good.?”
The two people are not ordinary,No one is not good at this news。