I didn’t expect such serious occasions to be dominated http://www.baiyunpj.cn by young ladies.,Also said the head is the road,I don’t know who is the girl.。

Sujia!It seems that I have never heard of any big family to be a surname!
“Uncle,I remember that you mentioned me.,I saved an old show before.,Let him come over the same time.!I also have a lot of aged children.!”
“Um,I see!Waiting for us to go back, let him prepare it.!”
“Xie Miss!”
Gu Shu reaction,A pleasure of a face。
Who doesn’t read my own children?!Miss sent a gentleman,The child’s children can read the book.。
The people who know the literacy are different.。
Take Miss,A girl home。Speak,Also don’t want to have someone else。
And in front of their own door,Close,Convenient!
I am afraid that there is no such thing in the village.!
One time,Gu Shu didn’t know if it was forced to leave his hometown.。
Can http://www.lvf-sale.cn only say one sentence,Blessing in disguise,Knowing!
“If you really want to thank me,Doing a good job for me!I am this person.,The most don’t like it is that the light is in the mouth.!”
Niu Niu said seriously,Gu Shu, two legs,I’m going down.。
“it’s okay no problem!Hao uncle,I certainly believe!”
Niu Niu did not carefully drank a piece of tea,
“All right,You are busy with you.!”
“Yes!Miss has any command calls me to call me.!”
Gu Shu lowered out,After,Light hand, the door is restored into the original
“Big brother,How about it!I just scared people,Shock you, no?”
Su Yuqing looked at the little girl with his hippie laugh.,
“You scare Gu Shu?”
“Be not on,I am trying to test!Hey-hey,How about it?”
“pretty good,pretty good!”
Su Yuqing is slow。
Just now, http://www.kato365.cn Niu suddenly turned his face,He thought it was what it was.。Gu Xi Sheng two hearts,I have bought it.,Or never yourself。
In my heart panic,I didn’t expect the Niu Niuji, a simple prank.!
“To give the following people,Of course, I must also hit it often.!so,They will not have new Xinxin.!Uncle,Am I right?”
“This girl is not wrong.,Young master, you have to learn more.!Commercial businessman,Our most taboo is the backyard!”
“Um,I know!Uncle Xie Hao!”
“daughter in law,How do you put your silver directly on the table?。So big,In case it is lost?”
“Whispering money?”
Gu Yi wash the pot bowl in the kitchen,I didn’t have one。
“Put on the table,A lot!This has to have two or two silver.!”
Gu Shu picks up the silver.。