Su Yuhong,Then the cheek is indifferent:“War hall,Now you have to take you all.!”

Su Yuhong’s words,Everyone in front of me,The more you look at it, the more angry。
What is joking?,They will not take the god hall or what is it?。
Since I have said this now.,So next,They should also be out of time.。
When these people think of this,Re-look at this。
This,In front of these people,It is a thing that has begun to shoot.。
How should this matter?,itself,It is a matter of necessary things to face.。
And look at these,This,These people are very excited。
“Actually the people of the War Temple,Everyone http://www.hloov.cntogether,And they fight。”
“Say something wrong,In fact, let’s now,I should do this very much.。”
“This is of course,Since I have said this now.,So let’s everyone,Be together。”
This,With these people,I didn’t forget to say it in front of my eyes.。
obviously,This is next,What way to do in the end?。
In fact, they,It is very clear in my heart.。
And now,They are,It is definitely not in the hands of the war temple.。
at this point,In fact, their hearts are deep,Very much。
Su Yuhong coldly swept the eyes before the eyes:“Humph,Is this only??”
Look in Su Yuhong,no doubt,these people,In fact, she is turning the root,I don’t think there is anything.。
As for Lu Fei Yu,It’s even more like this.。
When Lu Fei Yu saw this,Lu Fei Yu’s mouth,It is even more faint laugh.。
After all, now,How to solve this at the end?。
In itself,In fact, it’s a matter of justice.。
At this time,Lu Fei Yu quickly shot:“Humph,terribly sorry,You have no chance.。”
As Lu Fei Yu quickly arrived in his eyes,I don’t say that these people began to shoot.。
In front of Lu Fei Yu,These people,How can it be his opponent??
So very fast,These people are completely tolerant,This has been defeated。
As for Su Yuhong,It is a retreat of these people.。
“This way, I don’t believe it.,You can still escape!”
When Su Yuhong said,Warmist warrior,Also think so。
but,do not know why,Su Yuhong always feels,Situation seems, Some are not very strong。
“strangeness,This,what’s going on?”
When Su Yuhong saw it here,Her heart,It’s more more to feel curious.。
And by Su Yuhong,The soldiers of other war temples are not solving。