Inside the hall,Restably the soothing music,Crystal chandelier falls and the rays。

A famous male prostitute dances in the dance floor,Elegant and more。
Just these people’s attention is not dancing,But from time to time to one direction.。
There,Two young people standing standing。
Yao Jiajun,Yang Yufeng,Sun Ren,Mu Tian is here。
But at the moment they are not the protagonist,But a tall youth。
Where is Isle of Island?,He Yu。
He was held by a group of top sons,The pair of bluespars reflected in a charming color under the light.,It’s an unique temperament。
In addition to this,Surrounded by many people around them,And mostly beautiful women,From time to time, when the hot eyes are in He Yu。
Certainty,There are also some people who have not looked here.。
It is a corner of the eye.。
On the table,Two bottles of red wine,There is also a large piece of hill-like dessert and food.。
A guy holding a wine glass,Another hand grabs the food is swallowing the golf,With the scene atmosphere。
It is summer。
Luoqian stone is very speechless,Feel some shameful people,And an eye-catching,Also make him some unnatural。
Don’t look at it,That must be despised and ridiculous.。
Here is a reception,Not a hotel,Those desserts and nothing is white, it is some decorations.,At this time, the trend is simply starved to death.。
Inverse is Luo Qianjin,Sitting in the summer opposite,Drag and smile, watch him,At all, we don’t care about the four weeks of eyes.。
He Yu, who was held by the moon, naturally noticed this scene.,Don’t laugh,“Mu Shao,Is that your friend?,It’s really like you want.。”
Mu Tian’s eyes flash,Spirate,“Two less,This person is just a small security guard.,Now I rely on the big tree of Longcheng Luo.,The mentality may not be adapted yet。”
He Yu smile,Rotten,“Luojia is very famous in Longcheng?Calculate the big tree?”
This sentence,Yao Jiajun’s three faces have little more embarrassment。
The four major giants of Luojia Nailong City,In the three acres of Dragon City,Indeed with strong dominance。
Can be compared with O’.……Caise,No longer a grade。
He Yushu,“Sorry,I am very straightforward.,I hope that the three don’t mind……”
Toned,He looked at Mu Tianshi,“Mu Shao,Can you trouble you let him leave here??”
This sentence,Yao Jiajun three top tops are not from a glimpse。
Only Mu Tian reveals a trace,“What is worried……”
Not finished,He Yu nodded,“Right。”
Mu Tian is no longer hesitant,Turn over,Trend to summer。
Turning moment,The color is getting lost in the scorpion.。
And everyone has stopped the action,Follow the footsteps of Mu Tian。