Sometimes he is thinking,If the black woman can grab the serum from the gods alliance……How do you have to succumb to her?。

Just like this,Even the strong Lu County Early,Silence and retraction。
So,It is also a gas flame of the Ghee。
Just within seven days,China has made dozens of ancient Wu Shi and Hidden family chose to be satisfied.。
And signed a covenant。
not only that,Every time Gordu will promptly。
At the time,They don’t want to repent.。
Next,He will put your eyes in ancient martial art in the mountain forest.。
Just start from the small and medium-sized martial art,Then those that are……Don’t want to set up。
He has some unexpected,Martin will contact this time。
“Gan,The person behind you is the mysterious old man.,You said before,Ether party in Bruce。”
Toned,Martin half-holiday,“Now I have an income of a black woman,Do you know who she is?,Bruce。”
“Ha ha,Hehehe。”
Gano laughed,Do not hesitate,“Both them are people behind me.。”
Martin is shocked,Stood up。
“Ha ha,Martin president,Are you very fear now??”
Gan’s laughter is full。
Martin’s face iron,Bite,“Trouble you tell them,I don’t know the drop of Bruce.,Bruce has been dead in 50 years ago.……”“I also said with you.,He is just a fraud。”
Fusing the disaster,“Maybe he has always looked at you,I don’t even have to be by your side.,Martin president,You have to be careful.。”
I heard this sentence,Martin is more angry,But it is not worthy of catching in the body.。
“So on,He is not in the gods alliance,People behind you want to find Bruce,Can be found else……”The voice of Gano is angry,“Martin,You won’t be idiot.,You and the gate of the gate of the door,It’s all awkward.,I believe,As long as you continue to shoot the gods,Bruce will definitely appear。”
No level,Accelerate,“I advise you a sentence,Energy running immediately,Looking for Bruce,You can change your way,Once Bruce appears,And I also pushed out of the sky here.,The four major masters will eventually,Maybe they are not careful.?
At the time……Hehehehe。” Leave a brighter,Gangan hung up the phone。
Martin is a punch on the table,Looking at the phone in the hand,The chest is dramatic,Gasp。
Very wrong,More is helpless and weak。
He suddenly thought of the words of Huaxia。
A force drop ten meetings!Absolute strength,Let you have a conspiracy,Wanzi,Not used。