Honest,Solitary message in Chang’an has been married,And the child has two digits,Early branched leaves。North Qi,I didn’t expect http://www.meitebangong.cn a single loaf to come out.。

It is likely to be really inertial role to keep him,After all, the ocean has a lot of things every day.,Also have a drink,Can’t finish dance,Meijiao,Where can I remember a son of a rebellion??
At night,Gao Boyi is unimpeded all the way to bring solo to the high ocean.,In this“Hero emperor”Royal study,High ocean carefully in detail,Have an emotion:“Tiger father without dog,It’s a table talent。”
Then it is closed.,It seems waiting to speak with Gao Baoyi。
“His Majesty,I want to arrange Solitary Rongdang,Oh,That is, the referee of the Changle Hall。”
“Is the person who fails to punish on the court.,Dominant。”
Gao Biyi explained http://www.szyfxr.cn the basic rules of football with the high ocean。
“Um,good,We are also a descendant of being kind to solve or lonely.。”Hohosheng is more http://www.zhuangyan086.cn satisfied with Gao Baoyi arrangements。
“His Majesty,One thing”Gao Bao is next to the high ocean,Half a half of the other ear。The expressions on the high face are getting more exciting.,Some incredible look at Gao Bo Yi。
“Um,If there is case what to do?”
Gao Bao said with a high ocean,He has already engaged with the blind date,This is no longer turning.。
“How about this,Gaolong’s big house,Give you,Just give you a new wedding ceremony.。but,It seems that you have no money to repair this is a trouble.。”
House,But no money decoration,I have no money to buy furniture,This is normal。
邺 城 达 官 贵 人,It is not easy to get a room。
The same is true for Chang’an in the Tang Dynasty.。
Gao Baoyi is poor,When the official didn’t have?,Poor is normal。
“Come,Gao Baoyi,Drink with you。You don’t have to drink alone.,Man,Give him a green plum drink。”
Drinking in the study room?Is it a bit awkward??
Gao Boyi feels that the ocean is now slowly running.,He won’t make a moth at night.?
A cup of another cup,Gao Ying does not look at Gao Baoyi?,He only cares。
Wine is almost,Gao Yang is drunk,Pull with Gao Baoyi:“Come,Take you to a place。”
Will not be the palace of Li Zugu?
Gao Baoyi’s heart。
He got his sister’s niece of Li Zuyu.,Li Tan does not accidentally be his own lady lady.。
If the ocean now let him play with Li Zuyu in bed,What??
This is very absurd.!No matter which angle looks!
He will fall into a point where he is even ancestral。
“His Majesty,Don’t make it,Minachen has planned to marry Li Jia Yanzi”Gao Biyi directly gave a high ocean。