This punch,Thunder bite tooth,Exhausted。
The strength of the peak of God is concentrated in the face of the fist,A little sad bored on the head of the bald head。
The bald head has no sound.,Head with one of the head,The body is huge and flying out.。
Transversely,His head is like a high-speed mirror.,It’s a little broken.。
Then become a bloody rain。
Red white eight square splashes。
At the same time as the Thunder shot,In addition, two Westerners took the high pressure crowbar.,Try to solve。
Who knows that Thunder is in a punch,Turn your body,Arms stretch。
His hands appeared two pistols。
Monk Mars flashed。
http://www.xingfudaren.cn Two people rushing body,Face with unbelievable expressions,Extremely unwilling down。
Their forehead,Eyebrow,At the same time, a blood cave。
Summer said,Thunder’s talents are extremely good,Just focus on a little more,It’s not a problem.。
The thunder is good, but it is good.,Therefore, it is still in the peak of God.。
But I have to recognize,His accomplishment,Achievement is equally extraordinary。
Western underground forces are extremely affirmative,There is only one people in this world.,That is the bullet of the Assassin League。
But no one knows,Thunder is accompanied by bulk,Not weak in the summer。
All this happens very fast,Is a blink of an eye。
Thunder bombing one person’s head,Two shots have lost two people。
Such a scene,Let the remaining foreigners have changed colors,Flashing the body。
http://www.yblqianjia.cn But all their efforts have failed。
Summer is also shot。
Now that he is quasi-to-strength.,How fast is fast。
Several foreigners in different directions,But they also flow at the same time,I feel the pain in my body,Immediately fly out。
Connected to thorning is still a hammer drum,Sound accompanying in the skeletal fragmentation。
All are thrown half,Impressing the ground。
Shooting from two to the end,More than ten seconds before and after,All over。
In addition to the three old people being killed by Thunder,The remaining eight people all hold their legs in the terrible。
“Who is a trouble?。”
At this time,There is also a large group of people.。
What is the forefront,The body follows the security guards of hundreds of horses。
Summer makes it,Refers to the foreigner that is thrown by the head。
West,Immediately,Now let the security guard will seal this area,In addition to several kinds of association,The rest of the security guards are also given to the outside to maintain just。
Just a scene is extremely chaotic,All guests are in the outside,Although this is intense,But no one is noticed。