So a big one, two demon, in front of the computer,Staring at the computer screen,Go to the point。

Zhou Zhi also took out the ancient books gave him to him.,He found that his ancient reading ability is very big.,I have now seen some dependence on some professional books. The dependence is reduced.。
When the sound of the is coming from time to time——
“So expensive!”
“This cheaper point!”
“This is really good.!”
“Too beautiful!”
“I want to turn this!”
“This person also took two knives!”
I rarely hear him say to buy,Dachang is half an hour after a bit of hard day,The mentality has not been adjusted。Until the last week, he used many words to convince yourself.‘Buy only one skin’。
Then teach the sequence with Alipay。
Look at him payment。
槐 序 新 新 新 新,Self-righteousness,Happy in the summoner canyon。
But this female hero will not play at all,Take a few。
Next day,Wednesday,The weather is still very cool。
Morning class,No in the afternoon。
So four in the afternoon,Zhou Zhijun took out red dyeing,They turn turned,Just got at the hotel。
In addition to boiled cabbage,So a lot of delicious dishes。
槐 is very happy。
Tea suite,They sit and chat,Zhou Li famed the demon thing。
Red dyeing,On the side of the hand on his shoulder、Escore, rhythm, tap,While:“To say this kind of thing, I don’t know if it is impossible.,But I know,It is very difficult to manage。”
“This belongs to……A bit like overseas crimes,Victims usually cannot report or provide evidence to us。”
“How do you handle this kind of thing??” Before you have to handle some。Now that the end of the root is that your human beings don’t have enough cognition.,There is no enough Tianshi to build a docking mechanism with us.,I don’t know who I should find if people have never been hired by these stupid eggs.,And we are also impossible to monitor every demon or every human beings.。So don’t say to fight,It is very difficult to find。”
“Waiting for it later.?”
“certainly。”The red dyed hand is still knocked on the shoulder of the vision.,The force is very gentle,“But these http://www.ramboedu.cnguys really make your sister’s headache,Sometimes I really want to see anything in the temple, I am a training.,Unfortunately, I am not a hion.……”
“Hard sister。”