He silently pulled the evaluation of the muscle.,Change to base,Facade admiration,Body is honest to the side,Dare to contact the other side。

Avoiding a group of big men who may be deck olive oil,Liao Jie returned to his house,The knee is sitting on the sofa and begins to practice。
Neon thirty days,The biggest harvest is a murderous stone,One big one and two,Such a long time to absorb for a long time。
Return three days,He intends to practice the http://www.ahdx10000.cn care of the autumn leaves.,I will know the name.,A spell that is very suitable for daily life,Some time is either busy,Either busy,I have never quietly calmed down.。
Drama,The woman will not affect the speed of the knife.,But it does affect the speed of his cultivation.。
But the words are coming back.,No woman,What is the meaning of this door??
Double pounds of cinnabar at the system,Liao Jie palms hold a fog,Mix a little bit of cinnabar,Flying to make two words。
No living object,Instead, you can’t summarize the failure experience.,No success, mother,Success can’t come out!
“It is a girl who is a girl who is coming back as a test.,Still facing yourself as a test product?”
Liao Jie Shenqi,Decisively abandon the idea of cultivating,Ready to go back to find a dream、Cheng Jing and other http://www.zgrcedu.cn stupid practices。
These three days,Absorption of energy in killing stone。
Time is a night,Swimming light,Drive on the black sea。
Liao Jie slowly opened his eyes,Red ray transient,Get up and change to black suit。
This rich pill has a weird,A similarly bounded creature in the ship,Convergence of the breath during the day,Beginning in the evening。
But not bad,Connected to the entire ship’s breath,Can say it is a rich pill。
First time I saw this situation,Liao Jie interested,Tour the strongest game hall and cinema。
Precisely,This is not the first time,Shengxian sword is also a spirit,Because the body is too large,He didn’t contact both for a while.。
A paint black in the cinema,The ghost of playing the pool of the year on the screen is not,Do not,Today’s time,This movie is not old。
Ignore a couple of lovers, you,Liao Jie is just looking for a position,Looks like a lot of big screen。
Under the role of rich pills,Image in the screen is like living,Real effect is wearing3DGlasses are still realistic。
“interesting,If you play with this face, you will play um.”
Try to communicate with rich pills,Get a blank reply,Liao Jie shook his head,Alecial displacement,The game hall toward the lower deck。
50 square meters of room empty no one,The placed street is all the most popular street overlord。
Ethio-level fighting game,By comparison,Liao Jie is more familiarKOFFist。
Do you have to say this game makes Liao Jie still remember,Do not think,Some and can only be spring。
Thinking of spring,Liao Jie’s heart,Sweeping the game character publicity map on both sides of the game hall,I finally understand why we feel that the rich pill is very familiar.。
“so it is,understood”
Liao Jie nodded,Turn and leave the game hall,Squake the casino。
If you don’t make a mistake,Terror will have a terrorist hijacking vessel,He as a medium-sized column of justice camp,Say everything in the sprouting period。
Three hours later,He is a face to go back to the game hall,Pointer to choose spring,Start a human-machine war。
Undercover gaming table,Terrorists have not appeared,But one accidentally won two million knives,Need to succeed, the game is cold and quiet。
The result is not very ideal,Because the game version is too old,He didn’t know how to make a trick at all.,Spring is hung,The opposite Golden Mao saginsKO。