so,Even if there is some regret,Liu Qingong still returnedIGOlive branch thrown。

Liu Qingsong also has his own arrogance,He is hard to return again.LPLOpportunity,He doesn’t want to sit again cold bench again。
And for this goal,He can only give up and become a teammate temporary.。
Stare“IGNorth wind”thisIDI have seen it for a long time.,Liu Qingong finally quited the chat interface。
Can’t be a teammate,Top peak meets,Nothing is not bad??
Think,Liu Qingcong openedBLGWorkers’ WeChat dialog。
Although this team is a new team,But give him a good condition.,Promise,Salary is also betterIGHigh。
And on this basis,Their attached to buyers is also very hard.,Liu Qingong can see the determination they want to make。
the most important is,Company behind this team,It is also a company he likes.。
beated8Bundlerank,Time has also reached the early morning2Point。
Palace Qing Wen wants to think,Stand up and have to eat something。
But he just stopped,It is another sidetheshyThe action attracts the eye。
Some look at time,I still see that I still followed Syhen.QSkills are constantly swingingtheshy,The palace is somewhat stayed.。
Hit from himrankStart,It was the afternoon6point,theshyI started practicing this Sai’sQNS。 The time is in the early hours of the time2point,Apless8Hours,theshyStill practicingQ?
What kind of perseverance is this??
A monotonousQSkill,Practice a whole8Hours,And look at what I have not stopped yet.。
Palace clear text is really a bit admiretheshyNS,If this thing makes him do,He is definitely hard to do。
Some feelingstheshyBeside,Palace cleaved his shoulders。
theshySome hurss go back,See the palace clear text,This asked:“Is it?”
“You practice this,Practice now?”
theshyNod,The face on the face becomes serious,“In the next game,I don’t want to plant this food.。”
“alright,Then do you want to eat something??”
theshyThinking for a while,Reply:“OK,Let it go。”
theshyIt is also really tired.,The palace clear is not called him, he is not aware of,A calltheshyIt means directly to the meaning of a little dizzy.。
The two asked others again.,But no one wants to eat,baonEven already slept。
Two people see,I can only go out with side by side.。
South Korea’s night is still very lively,Everything is a young man in a dim light.。
Everywhere,There will be one or two drunks in the madness。
The two did not go far away,Just find a night home shop and eat it.。
Chapter 140 Not so much time
AmbitionAPPsuperior,Now the most fire post,Is a title name“Analysis of the eight strong form”Post。
“Let me analyze the eighth group.,First let’s take a lookKTandC9。Don’t say more this,This yearKTMany of the Galaxy warship has a great family clear。”
“The play in their group,Can also see it,They are like championships,Although it is lostEDGonce,But this does not affect their strong。”