“What is the killing agency group?,No wonder is so difficult。”Puxao Taro said,

“So we must destroy them.!”
“Bell bell……”
Rock Cai Jian two passed and picked up the phone:“I am the Jijing, I’m of Mei Machine.!”
“Rock Care Machine!I am a specially class of bamboo clouds.,We discover the clues of the killing action group!”
“You find what clues from the killing action group?”
“The person who attacked the Naval Command According to our http://www.ofiber.cn investigation, it is two women.,Description according to eyewitnesses,One of them is Yachan Ya Mei!”The sound of bamboo is very excited.,
“Is it a fiancee who is a long time?!?”
“According to our intelligence,Qingshan Yamei is a woman who kills the current group of powers.!Her real name we don’t know,But I am very familiar with her.,It should be true。”
“I have a few women when I see the information describing the Jijing Mansion.,It seems that this killing action group is always in Shanghai.,Your special class is actually a little news.!”Rock Cai two blame,
“Rock Care Machine,We are indeed unfavorable,But now we have mastered the information of the powdery.,What should I do next??”This thing is too big,Because as long as you find Qingshan Ya Mei,It is likely to find Rui Rui,Or can use Qingshan Ya Mei to force it。http://www.zldq888.cn
Bamboo, Yunzi, no such ability to deal with 锐,So I will report to the plum organ,Their rights in Shanghai is still a lot of bits.。
“Where are you now??”
“We are in the legal rental,According to our investigation,Qingshan Yamei may hide in the rich area!”
“wealthy suburb!?”
“Rock Care Machine,Rui Rui is a long time in the legal rental in the legacy.,I heard that it was sold.,I am doubting that these houses are still in his hand.,So I want to take people to secretly check。”
“Bamboo talents,You don’t want to move temporarily.,I will contact the Law of the Rental Public Board,I will also bring people immediately.!”Rock Cai Jian also worried that the bamboo is not a mandatory command to kill the god action group.,
“Hayi!It is waiting here.,Please come over.。”
hang up the phone,Jijing built two pairs of secondary fields:“Zhuneng Yunzi found the person who attacked Navy Command,Very likely to be this woman!”
It turns out that the rock is built from the drawer, and the photo of Fu Ying snow is wearing a photo.,Several people have been surprised:“It’s really a very beautiful woman.!”
“She is a hard assistant for long pooliness,Code powder Luasha,The Chinese name is temporarily unclear,The Japanese name is Yachan Ya Mei!The information shows that she is a gun hand,It should also be a very good sniper,She is proficient in Japanese,Familiar with all etiquette customs of our big and nation!”
“Is this going to catch her??”
“According to the investigation of Zhuneng Yunzi,Now this woman and another woman is likely to hide in the rich area of the legacy.,We are now immediately!”
“If you can grab her words,We have something to do.!”If such a beautiful woman falls in the hand,These people have thousands of methods torture her,At this moment, several devils have revealed the look of the look.。
Women who can grasp the gods are also very huge victories.,Perhaps it can be eliminated to kill the gods.。
Rock Jian Jian two let this well jade to organize a moving team,Before he left, he called the wall of the wall.,I will directly tell the public director to take people to the legal concession.,The other party even did not dare to put the full mouth promised,Also guaranteed。
How can I don’t think this is the death of the murderous action group?,Nowadays, the players in the jellyfish assassination group and the killing action group have ambushed around the location of Zhunexin.,Just waiting for them。
Su Wenqian did not participate in this action,He is waiting for a hurry to come back,Because now Xiao Song Cang Ren、In the nine, there is also Iraq and Xian people with three special action groups to follow the bamboo clouds together.,In addition, there are almost six or seven people.,If the Mei Machine’s special agent,That is at least eight ninety people。
The two teams of the jellyfish assassination group and the killing action group were added, but only more than a dozen people.,So Su Wenqian is very worried,I also want to participate in this action.,But it was rushing back by nine.。
At the train station Su Wenqian, I received a three-end Youfeng with a few strange faces.,“General!You can return it back!”
“What happened??”
“Small Song Captain,Nine Captain and Irai and Xianren Vice captain took a general class with special high school classes.,I heard that I found the powdery of the killing action group.。”
“Jiu Temple!You are doing that car follows us!”Rui Rui said to a young officer,
These Japanese people who follow the rumored that the harem is the person who is looking for him.,These people have strong action,And also proficient in Chinese。
There is only Su Wenqian and Rui Rui in the car.,Su Wenqian said in the current situation.。
Her laugh and smiled:“That Ji Jing 2 They are not dead.!”
NS760chapter Dead bureau
Qi Rui said that the two deaths were dead because of the six brothers.,More Fu Yingxue、Song Jian、Tang Rui、Tan Lin、Xue Min、Cold moon、Ouyang Lan and Jellyfish assassination group action masters and assassin,These devils can be http://www.neihangu.cnalive.。