Until the bath,Lying on the bed is ready to sleep,He touched his mobile phone to open the class group,Take a message record。

Decided that the classmates who have to return school is still not much。
These people are really,How can I boring at home every day?,How hard is,However, it is really possible to return school.,A lot of people who are originally fascinated http://www.victoriafashion.cn are not awkward.。
Zhou Zhou Qianqian registered。
Zhou Qianqian said he has sick。
Zhou Zhi is a little,Zhou Qianqian sent another news——
Zhou Qianqian:You are sick with your girlfriend!
Happy mood really helps sleep。
the holiday is over,Network class start。
Small circle and old gray look two vans,Some hair,It is really the same as the left.,Even breath and behavior are also imitated,Let them miss true and false。
“let us start。”Circumference。
“Then I went to class.,Don’t worry。”Sitting in the desk,“Don’t bother to learn.。”
“especially you,Do not enter the mirror,Otherwise, others will think that we are twins,I will find you to your brother’s WeChat.。”
Zhouzhi still pushes the tray filled with snacks to the small circle and the http://www.yiyangfangchanwang.cn old gray,This time I have more pork.,He smiled and said:“Still like the same night,You are free,Just talk about chatting,It’s good to eat.。”
“OK,Thank you from。”Small circle is very cute。
“That respects it respectfully.。”Old gray also said。
Zhou Zhiyan side, slowly improve the last details of the statue of the statue,While saying:“Yesterday, some human businessman was persecuted by a kind of stepping monster.,I just found me.,He just is responsible for the demolition of the developer of this community.……”
He will finish the situation to two emperor,Repeatedly:“Listening to him said that the demolition is at least a year or two.,I just started to talk about compensation and everyone.,I please help him stay in the tree you live after demolition.,Move it to your newly found residence,He promised,Thank you,How do we give this statue??”
“sure!”Small circle。
“That is really much thanks to God and the adult.。”Old gray biting pork,It seems that sticky teeth,Although the tone of his speech is old and autumn,The accent is like a child.。
“You promised just。”
In the afternoon,Zhou leaves the statue.,After easy test,The effect is still a strong。
Efficacy,Valid range is not too big。
So he drove directly to Mr. Xiong’s home.,Hand in his hand in his hand。
At that time, Mr. Xiong’s expression was somewhat strange.,But he doesn’t care.。
Then he will tell http://www.seening.cn the name of the name of the developer who is conspired by the monster.,This single business is basically completed.。
As for the mental state of the couple,It can’t be recovered at once.,Need slowly,Customers who have experienced in the similar situation have almost all explicitly understand。
no way,This is a market dominated by Party B,And in the future, it will be like this for a long time.。
Zhou Zhi and Nan Ge held his hand on the river。