Xiao Yao’s thumbs up and sinking the bass,Follow:“It is said that,Watching fireworks will make people feel happy。”

The original words will make girls happy。
“You are not happy recently,What did you born??”
Xiao Jo:“……”
He stunned,Expression blank,Tone is more prudent than branches:“I thought,You are not happy recently.?”
Yan Zhi did http://www.minxingshiye.cn not hold back,I smiled first.:“puff——”
Xiao Jie seems to feel that this is ridiculous.,I can’t stand it.,The restrained loud laughs rolling from his lips。
Yan Zhi forgot to ask Xiao Jo, why did she feel that she is not happy?,This time later,Xiao Jie is obviously close to her attitude.。
Unlike previous excessive steps, the torque, such as the bird’s bird,Xiao Jo will have any obvious reaction even if she touched her.,Even inadvertently caught her, not let go immediately,That looks almost equivalent to hug。
After the branches, I realized it.,Xiao Yao may not be too dead,Probably because he……Slowness。
He will give 枝 different gifts,Send it once;Sometimes there is more,He will give branches several times in one day.。He will avoid the intimate move of 枝 before he will,Will not be related to their relationship。
Some http://www.etogps.cn disciples, they have recently been moving more than in the past.:
“Even if it is a certain,I am afraid that there is no teacher, my sister is intimate.。”
Xiao Yao looked up。
disciple:“I、Did I say my mistake??”
Xiao Yao is calm,Tone is often normal authentic:“My teacher is a doctors。”
The disciple is stunned.,Fierce,“——Oh?!”
Xiao Joyi is very calm:“Yes,You have not heard the wrong。”
The news they are together will not walk。
竹 准 准 准,She thought that Xiao Jie’s performance is not intended to open.,I didn’t expect that he can be amazed in such a place where you can’t think of it.——Xiao Yao is not a low-key、How do you evaluate the indifference??
Something is lazy in the bamboo forest behind the house,Xiao Yao came over to find her,The bamboo leaves were stepped http://www.diaoyiwang.cn on the foot.,She is not moving。
Xiao Jie thought she was sleeping,Not awakened。
He long standing around,The breeze in the forest will send his breath.,Tonging with her。When I think about it, I don’t think about it.,Xiao Yao is close to her,Slow motion,He is also hesitating。
Yan Zhi can feel his approach,Inquire,See what he wants to do.。
After a moment。