Gu Jinghai smiled,“Many Tianjun in the past,In order to speak at the Tianhe French,Big Master can speak a fragrance,It is already the performance of the road。”

Treasure Buddha。
On the other side, there is no light laugh.,“The old man also went up。”
He got a gate,But seeing Hao Ranzihui。
“There is a righteous heaven and earth,Unremnite。
The following is the Heyue,It is daily star。
Haoran,Pei Sai Cang Ming。
A voiced avenue is falling,Cloud gas,I can’t say it.,But ancient times。
Everyone’s heart,Have a variety of mystery。
Baoguang Buddha,It is necessary to practice people’s demon,Fearless,Grind your mind。
In the words,It is said that there is a long-lasting gas in the world.,This gas is hidden in the sun and the sky,Not overbearing,Due to the break of the fence。
Both are talking about cultivation,But the road is not,Finally hidden hidden。
The big road is so。
Inadvertently telling a big half,We will get the Frame。
Laterland continued to have a manner。
People who can’t help but listen to,Preaching,Have a lot of money。
Takahifang,Compatible,What is the way?。
Finally, I have a gap in the sea.。
However, no one can read more than a fragrant time。
As a result,More more seeing the treasure of the Buddha,Focus on the top of everyone。
“Taishuan senior,Want to go up??”The clouds seem to have been waiting for Taixao people on the Fragrance,Seeing others, including the masters, they have already said,Leave only,Can’t help but open。
She always feels an inexplicable familiarity。
Taoist people speaking to her,Cuts like the Tianhe。
Taoist is not this feeling,He is actually the first time to see the cloud,What should I take a shower water?,Both I think in Wu Youshe,Just give Wu Yide’s。
Little magic,I can also question the Lord of the Dark Tianshi.?
Anyway, Wu Youde is really,That is not a fake。
Many things are so。
“That tells。”
Taoist did not resume,After all, there is really good to preach the Tianhe Frague.。
He got a gate,Confusion of Xuanyuan,