Nan Ge put it slightly,Don’t twist,Turned and went back to the circumstances。

She refers to the diagonal point of track field:“It seems that you used to be your previous instructor.,I have a little bit like listening.,Like a duck。”
“it’s him。”
“You have seen it in the past?”
“Still not。”Zhouzhi is embarrassed,I don’t think there is nothing.。
“You are so weak this person.。”
“So you are particularly unique、Precious。”Zhou Zhijing。
Nan Ge eyes woked bigger,Looking at the vicinity,Even reaching out to explore the impulse of his brain:“Honest!Where have you stolen these let people get a chicken child??Hey, I said,You won’t be the order of 槐 槐?”
Zhouzhi is covered with black lines。
Honest,The reactions of Nan Ge also beyond his expectations.。
He is hard to say that a sentence is so affectionate,Look at the world,There are a few girls who will reply to such words at this time.?
Fortunately, he has been used to it.。
Facing the eyes of Nange,He is slightly silent,Holding a group standing up。
“gone back。”
“do not,You talk about two!”
“Don’t you get a chicken skin??”
“hold head high!”Nange noddard,But it is very serious,“But I feel like a little effect on my toothache.,Do you talk about two sentences,Maybe I didn’t speak tomorrow morning.。”
“My retaliation has not ended yet.”
Nan Ge is still sitting,Look up at him。
Be forced to help,Zhou Zhi also had to sit down,Look at the new students to end the military,Start to engage in entertainment activities。
Until the female president begins to tell everyone to the feat of Nan Ge and Zhouzhi last year,They feel a bit awkward,I finally got up and left the track and field.。
槐 in the secret area,Come to them。
“Um!!”Nan Ge is head,So careful attention,“It seems that you are really true.。”
“You boring!”
Never care about it.,序:“Call you to write the community test run report, you have not written?”
“Not written。”槐 序。
“pay close attention。”
“Really let me write?”槐 序 巴 巴 眼。
“Um。”Zhouzhi shit at her,Encourage road,“do not be afraid,I have to believe that my own level is, anyway, the instructor is Zhou Qianqian.,At that time, I will hand over the report to her review.,She has already seen your word work.。”
“Oh is her.!”槐 often pretended to be left with nano and her。 “so”Zhouzhi looks at her。
“I am not afraid of writing bad.。”槐 is some hesitation,“That is to write a thousand words,I have never written so long.,I think so many words feel that the brain hurts.。”