Stone through the grass,Go in,It seems to have a voice of something,Send a dull voice。
Lin Tianan looked at an eye,See no movement,Asked curiously。
“You look again!”
Shen Xuan smiled,Schematic。
Let’s see what you can see.?
Lin Tian’an is strange,Suddenly scared!
I saw that I just didn’t empty.,Suddenly, a pair of death staring at his eyes!
That is a wild http://www.360jzfw.cn wolf!
Lin Tianan finally saw clearly,That is a wolf standing there.,Staring at him,It seems very angry!
Next second,The grass of the grass is drilling out a dozen wild wolves,I brushful。
And Lin Tianan’s whole person’s body is stiff and standing in the same place.,I don’t know what to do at all.。
It is a dozen people’s eyes staring at him.,I will feel uncomfortable,not to mention,In front of it is a ten horrible wild wolf,Take the deep eye,Dead staring at Lin Tianan,this moment,He felt that it was like a lock.!
NS203Chapter 出 反 尔
Lin Tianan swear,He climbed so many years,I have never encountered this situation.。
Actually surrounded by so many wild wolves,Staring at him still dead,It’s just like stepping into hell.。
A few wild wolves have even gone from the grass.,It seems to have gone to Lin Tianan http://www.kljxgs.cn here.。
“Xiao Xuan,I want to run.!”
Lin Tianan is already a six god.,I don’t know what to do at all.,Can only help Shen Xuan coming。
after all,In this surrounding,What he can find is this one。
“If you dare to run,The wild wolf will also charge,You feel,Are you still faster than Wolf??”
Shen Xuan said very calmly:“Will not panic with animals,You panic,The animals will be faster and faster.,You run three steps,It is estimated that the wild wolf is chasing you.,By the time,Drop you directly!”
This time,Lin Tianan immediately dismissed the thought of running。
“Then what should we do?,Standing in the same place??”
Lin Tianan looked at Shen Xuan’s calm look.,I can’t help but ask a sentence.,So many wild wolves,But there are two heads of mind,It is estimated that they will only have a bile left.。
Shen Xuan said with the mouth:“Good luck,We can go down today.,bad luck,Will be a bone,Lin Shu,you say,Their luck is not good.?”
So mysterious?
Lin Tian’an is speechless,The people in this world are not good.,Who knows that my luck is good??
Relying on day,That is being died!
“That is not as good as the runner,At least a small life is to master in your own hands,Be dead,That is also your own choice。”
Lin Tianan said directly。
“Bother,Didn’t see it.,Lin Shu’s attitude is still very hard。”