He has rushed into the crowd,Snake knife leaves a bloodline on the neck of one person,Cold light flashing,Snake knife does not contaminate half of blood。

then,Summer leaves a shadow,People can’t locate,Before the other person,Snake knife bursts three-inch knife,Gently draw。
“puff”A face-frightened skull,Bring a large blood rain。
It’s until the summer leaves a few seconds,The body fell to the ground,He has passed from the middle of the four ancient martial arts.。
In this way,The arm is like a flower butterfly,Along with a knife。
“Odor”Four bodies cover their neck to the ground,A large number of bloodsides are moving http://www.wanwan998.cn in the fingertips。
Dead,Their face has a panic expression on their faces.。
Blood water splash。
Short moment,It’s miserable from time to time.,Corpse constantly fell,Blood has been reddish。
This group of ancient martial arts is originally 狰狞 and cruel,I have already disappeared。
In exchange, it is an unbelievable。
This is called abolished?
Who is special?
The summer is now stronger and is desperate.。
I don’t know who is going to collapse first.,Frightened outward escap,Then everyone started。
But the summer is already open to kill the ring,How can I give them an opportunity to escape?。
“Let me leave me.!”
He holds a snake knife,Open a big way,Crossing in the crowd,Knife,Vertigo。
Found,unstoppable,Blood is constantly splashing。
“puff”Knife,An ancient wula is striped to http://www.manfully.cn beside,Two disadvantages fell。
“Bamboo”Chill,Condensed,Eight ancient warriors screamed。
“……”Subsequent,Summer, the whole person suddenly disappears。
Don’t see people,Cold light everywhere。
The world’s fastest connection,The intensive knife is connected to a flash kill.,It seems to be completely cutted in this area。
Everything is stopped,No living people stand。
He holds a snake knife。
Well-long figure,Sharp light,Foot into a stacked body……Let him look like a Shura, a slaughter。
“come out!”
He is like a beast,Head turning back,See the direction of dozens of meters left on the left。
at the same time,The snake knife has been jumped in the air,The next second is like a string of the strings.。
“Inad……”A tree with two people have two people,Suddenly lit up,And the thorns of metal http://www.puhuisl.cn criticism,Along with a punish star。
“Do not misunderstand,Me,I have no ill intentions……Hand in hand……”At the same time, a woman who flooded anxiously。
Summer eyes flash,Void grab,Snake knife is broken,Return to return,Go back to his hand。
A woman in black,Also slowly turn it out from the tree。
This is a middle-aged woman,The surface looks like a 40-year-old look,Very common,Temperament is not good。
At this moment, the face is white,The corner of the mouth also overflows silk blood,Face of fear and shock。