“You,Who are you?,Why……”

“My name is Luo Tian……Oh,It is the slump turtle you just……”
Youth belief identity。
Luo Tian!
Anderson’s face,And Di is even more,“Adult,You go first,I will block him.……”
“Do you block??”
Talk,People have disappeared,Again,A fist has bombarded the chest of Andy,It is like a water-like collection.。
The sound is not high,Eddie did not scream more vomiting,Just standing quietly。
But,The expression on the face has been solidified,Pupil。
Until this time,Crisp bone sound。
At the same time as Luo Tian,Anderson tried to retreat again,Ready to get out of the window。
Just he just has a move,Suddenly stopped,The whole body flew out。
In his desperate scream,Half-air,Then, the whip leg, the whip leg, who is broken, is smashed on the head.。
Anderson did not say a sound,People are still seven bleeding in half air,Murder。
Luo Tian took the hand,Supply eye mirror,Laugh,Turn away from this place。
At the same time,There are also similar things in the other two places in Viana.。
One of the Lati Manor is one of them。
Just the sneak murder of Luo Tian。
At this moment, Laup Manor,Already blood flow into the river,It is horizontal and eight bodies everywhere.。
These bodies are some young people who are wearing black.,Every dead is extremely fierce,Some throat is torn,Some hearts are walked by holes,Blood fog around,Bloody taste is very pungent。
A building in front,Tragedy is still there。
A tall and healthy figure is like Shura, which is generally being slaughtered in an empty hall.。
His hands with a unknown metal gloves,Gloves have a Sensen claw blade。
Wrist flip,It is blood to collapse.。
Bump,Freehand hole wearing a person,Bring back,Blood splash,The scene is cruel to the extreme。
This is a middle-aged middle-aged year,Just flashing on the face and smirk,It’s like a beast,Cold and cruel。
Blazing lights,He constantly shuttle in the crowd,Hands in hand flashing,Like a meat grinder,Blood light is constantly splashing。
Every time you accurately,Will explode a blood mist。
He seems to laugh crazy,See a group of people on the right side of the lobby,Cruel 舔 lick lips,“Rodney,Roll over to let grandfather kill you,Otherwise,Grandpa makes you born……”