Wang Yufei doesn’t care about these nostalgia,Gu Bingjun didn’t understand the operating system yet,Yu Xingwei put all his energy on the purchase and construction of the data center.。

then,naturally,All the burdens are on Ge Lingyue again,At this time everyone has great enthusiasm for the newly launched technology,The industry leaders who made appointments to discuss cooperation have been queued up to one month later。
It’s painful and happy again。
Since she resigned from Apple resolutely,Accepted Wang Yufei’s appointment as Changxiang TechnologyCEOStart,She has always experienced this feeling。
The workload is ten times more than at Apple。
Fortunately, the benefits are equal。
According to the contract, the right to pay her dividends,It is foreseeable that these jobs will be rolled out this year,She can earn about ten times that of Apple。
Whether it is a brain-computer chip or a Changxiang brand solid-state high-energy battery,All belong to the gold monster。
correct,And Xin system。
Although Xin system now has limited profitability due to open source and free。
But when Wang Yufei’s goal of one world and one system is reached,Xin system will inevitably bring huge benefits。
Not to mention the huge amount of users’ demand for the copyright library in the system,No advertising in the future will be able to bypass the support of the Xin system itself。Yes,Although with Google、apple、IBMAnd other foreign companies have signed free and open source contracts,But on the basis of advertising revenue, the company must share part of the profit。
Even if only 15%。
And the profit point of Xin System is more than that。
Ge Lingyue received an email from Wang Yufei long ago。
In the future, the battery will be directly bundled with Xin System。
Whether it is a car、Cell phone、notebook、still isIPAD,If you want to use solid-state high-energy batteries,I need to match the Xin system。
Quite overlord’s bundling measures。
But before similar battery products appeared on the market,These manufacturers can only choose to accept this condition,Or refuse to use new energy batteries。
Not to mention that the company’s funds are eased,Wang Yufei really doesn’t care how much money he can make。The early battery has just started mass production,It is difficult to meet all market needs for a long time,Just use this method to screen some partners first。