Twelve o’clock,Everyone is back to square one。Xia Jian said to Guo Meili:“Let Manager Chen and Manager Ruan join us for dinner in the county!We will have dinner,Talk about work”

Guo Meili nodded,So I went to explain to Ruan Lingna and Chen Guohua,Of course the two are very happy,It’s not just a question of meal,It’s an opportunity to get in touch with the top leaders。
The hotel Wang Yihua has already been booked,A large private room that can seat more than ten people。When entering,Xia Jian saw itVIPRoom type。Although two people were added temporarily,But this table is big,Don’t feel crowded at all。
Anyway,Xia Jian is the boss of Venture Group,So these have special respect for him,Toast him constantly during the banquet。I didn’t want to drink,But Wang Yihua insisted on drinking,In order to give her this face,Xia Jian had to drink。Guo Meili helpless,She can only follow。
This meal can’t end after three o’clock in the afternoon,The reason,Only Xia Jian knew,Wang Yihua did this,I just don’t want him to return to Pingdu,Live in Qingshan County for one night。
Just when everyone is drinking,Xia Jian’s phone rang,He saw that Ouyang Hong came here,Hurriedly connected,Ouyang Hong asked anxiously on the phone:“Where are you now?I want to see you in a hurry“
“I am in Qingshan County,what happened?“Xia Jian asked a little puzzled。
Ouyang Hongyi listen,So loudly:“Speed back to Pingdu,I’m waiting for you in Donglin Building“
Hang up the phone,Xia Jian said to Wang Yihua:“Sorry,We have to hurry back to Pingdu,Something urgent needs to be solved immediately“Xia Jian finished,And shook hands with everyone。
Wang Yihua’s lost face,She quietly said to Xia Jian:“Take time to come,only you“Xia Jian nodded,But didn’t say a word。
Because Xia Jian and Guo Meili both drank,So the car can only be driven by Lin Wei。But her technique is okay,Xia Jian is sitting on it,Fell asleep without knowing it or not,He is really tired。
Xia Jianyi to Donglin Building,I saw Ouyang Hong sitting in Guo Meili’s office。He and Guo Meili walked in,Can’t even say hello,Ouyang Hong stood up and said:“Close the door,Tell you something“
“what happened?So anxious“Xia Jian said,Sat on the sofa。Guo Meili locked the office door from inside。
Ouyang Hong took a breath and said:“Someone in Donglin Township really wants to move,So you have to act quickly,It’s too late“When Ouyang Hong said this,The sound pressure is very low。
“Someone is going to move?Humph!The development of Donglin Township,I think only our entrepreneurial group can develop well,It’s hard to tell other people。This is a poor town,If it doesn’t work,Can only make things worse,Where the old farmer’s life is even more difficult“Xia Jian sighed and said。
Ouyang Hong nodded and said:“Tell the truth,I will give you this information,Not to say how good our relationship is,But I believe in the capabilities of your entrepreneurial group。Donglin Township is only in your hands,Can develop better。That’s why I came to you“
Ouyang Hong and Xia Jian have dealt with each other for so many years,Not so much he believes in startups,It’s better to say that she believes in Xia Jian。For this trust,He Xia Jian is worthy of Ouyang Hong。
Guo Meili made two cups of tea and brought them over,Xia Jian took a sip,Calmed down,He took a breath and said:“Mr. Guo!Arrange for overtime,Tonight, we must sort out the investment plan of Donglin Township,We’ll be there tomorrow morning。Where does Mayor Ouyang say hello“