Li Hui looked at the youth after Sun Yaxu.,Suddenly, I understood that Yang Xiao smiled and asked my words.。

I don’t have much stay now.,Instead, I went to the big shed with Li Kaishan.。
Hundreds of acres of large sheds he also handed over to a person to manage guard。
Then he handed the Tiantue’s things to Li Kaishan.,Also let Yang Li return,Continue to lead your team work,At the same time, Li Hui also handed over to Yang Li.,That is to expand your team,If you have the ability to manage more,After he came back, he immediately prepared for the progress of Yang Li to manage this hundred people.。
Of course, this thing is that Li Hui has nothing to say.。
Everything is properly arranged,Li Hui Hui is ready for the next next day.。
In order to give Qin Su Ya,His even did not give Qin Su Ya?。
Night is quiet,Li Hui has not waited for a short stay.,I have heard the speech of the big white.。
soon,He heard a voice that sounded around。
Sun Yaru is also awakened by this voice.。
“A style,A style,Are you asleep?”
Li Hui Feng opened the light and saw Sun Yaru at the door.,Can’t help but。
I saw Sun Yarn wearing a single pajamas.,Under the illumination of the light,Even the scenery inside。
Although he has no love for Sun Yaru.,But facing that some perfect body,Still let him be sorry。
“Woke up,I went to see,Take a break soon.,There are so many work tomorrow.。”
Said that Li Hui’s straightforwardly put on a dress and walked out.。
And Sun Yaru saw that Li Hui’s shirtless scene,It is also a slight red color.。
That’s a perfect body, I can’t help but want to experience it.,After all, she also knows that Xu Ruyi and Qin Su Ya have been with Li Hui.,And the two women seem to be very satisfied.。
Just those time she is with Lincheng.,But it is not once, the other party makes her satisfied with the strength.。
“A style,or,Would you like me to go with you?。”
Seeing Li Hui Huo,Sun Yaru couldn’t help but grab the arm of Li Hui,At the same time, the soft piety is posted.。
Feel the touch of the arm,Li Hui is also a glimpse。
“Forehead,Need not,I will go see it.,You are risky,Can be troublesome。”
Say,Li Hui is gently breaks away from Sun Yaru’s hands.,Then I went out when I went back.。
See the back of Li Hui,Sun Yaru has some obstacles:“Why,Why do you want to refuse me again and again?,I am obvious that I have been humble.,Why can’t I do it a good time??”
This time is investigated,During this time,Let her habitually,I have gradually been imbalance in my heart.。
I also rubbish the tears of my eyes.,Go straight back。
This is the house of her house is Li Hui’s residence.。
She directly drilled into Li Hui’s small bed.,Instantly, the sunshine,The warmth of the sun will wrap her package.。
Feel this warmth,Breathing the taste of the goodness of Li,She is somewhat intoxication。
She feels that I have to take Li with the wind anyway tonight.,She doesn’t want to wait anymore.,Tonight is a despicable,She also wants Li to be with the wind.。
Just waiting for the other party in the small nest of Li Hui Feng.,Li Hui Feng has been in the woods that have been rumored to go.。
In the woods,Li Hui Feng saw that the big white wolves around three people。
Three people are blind,The eyes are disclosed in the eyes,The dagger held in the hand is also a battle.,I am afraid that I will suddenly launch an attack on my wild wolf.。
Seeing Li Hui’s arrival,Xu Er is a little surprise。
He didn’t expect this time to attract Li with the wind.,Originally, they still plan to quietly enter the yard.,Now Li speaks from the wind.,He feels the opportunity.。
Just face a group of wolves,He is still some fear.,I don’t even know how to go.。
“What do you have three big evenings??”
Li Hui is a little bit of taste.。