“Ha ha……”

“Let you mad!”
“This is the cost of madness,This time earned。”
……Lu Luo,Fight,天 罡 等 人 人 天 天 天 狂 狂,They have seen Lin Feng this big move.,If you release a few times,I am afraid that people who condense pseudoons will not hold。
Nine robbery,Immortal,Emperor swords and three strong people have lost color。
I have no hesitation in the day of the day.,Directly look at the many strong people of the Shentou Temple,Ready to kill these people of the temple。
“Immortal,You dare to move them,I will let you have three major potentials all the people who condense the pseudoons stay here.,including you,Emperor Sword,I didn’t stay in the temple of the other side.。”Lin Fengzhi cold voice sounded:“But you have to lose the half-life.!”
Lin Feng’s words let the day of the day directly stop。
“Humph,Arrogant!”The Emperor Sword and the Nine Broken Board have snorted,However, although they say this,But I don’t dare to have any action.。
Lin Feng’s attack is too surprised.。
This kind of attack is not heard,Unworthy,Many ordinary half-step gods are inexplicable behind them.。
“Lin Feng,you dare!”The Xianli god turned cold and stared at Lin Feng Road.。
“it is good,If you don’t try it, try,See you fast,Still I am attacking。”Lin Feng’s figure came over,Body explosion sexual power,Put Buddha is a volcano to explode。
Swallow all people。
“it is good!”
The day of the day,Preparing when it is ready to do,But was blocked by the mandrel three and the nine robbery.。
“Chaotic Snake Island。”Emperor sword。
“Don’t be with him。”Nine robbery is also in the face of yin。
“it is good,very good,Lin Feng,I don’t care with you this time.,Temporarily let you!”Xianli God face is cloudy,Then staring at Lin Feng Road:“Take me with you!”
“Immortal,A good dog is not blocking the way,Step aside!”Lin Feng’s figure came to the front of the day, and I was laughed.。
“you wanna die!”
Xian Ni gods,Did not use God,But directly grabbing the collar of Lin Feng。
“Lazy you!”
Lin Feng has a side of the past,Then I will go directly to everyone in the Arrange Temple.,However, there are still many strong people who are surrounded by the people of the Arrange Temple.,When I saw Lin Feng coming,After retreating, a few steps have been opened.。
“Lin Shou!”
“Lin Shou!”
……Everyone gave a greece.,猿 天,Fight,Lu Luo,Cold,Chill,Wasteless,The people of the Mo Night Song and the Milay Temple have been excited.,There is a feeling of the rest of the lifetime.。
“Allocated。”Lin Feng looked at the people。
“Home,Pengen,Yangge,There is also that Devil has been killed.,This is the name of Yuan Shen, who left.!”At this time, it’s a hurry to come up and take a round ball to give Lin Feng.。
Three monk gods were sealed inside。
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Chapter 1,592 Snake God
“Pengen,Yang Ge is dead?Devil is also dead?Who killed,stand out!”Lin Feng went to the round ball,He turned his eyes and cold glance.,Fairy day,Nine robbery and others。
“Lin Feng,You kill us so many people!”Emperor sword three cold turns:“Speed leave,Today’s things are ready。”
“good,Lin Feng,Don’t think we are afraid of you,Speed leave,Today’s things you don’t look for us.,We will also find you account.。”Nine robbed son is gloomy。
“Oh,My people can’t die so white.。”Lin Feng glanced at this group of people:“A time after a time,Here you will gather a lot of forces,You look at the inheritance of the Zombie,let’s go!”