I looked at the phone in summer.,Look at Zhang Wei, a stunned。

“How do you want to die?!”
Thud,Zhang Wei once again on the ground。
Zhang Hai’s words destroyed his luck at an instant,Falling in deeper despair。
He is on the ground,Hemulous and weak,Painful,“sorry……I’m wrong,Monthly,Please spare me once……”
See this scene,The moon has grown up beautiful autumn。
In her expected,Zhang family will inevitably be strong,Threatening summer clothes soft,Then both parties stimulate contradictions,Thus getting revenge。
Just don’t think,Will be such a result。
Zhang Hai actually retreated。
“Brother,never mind……Let him go。”
Seeing that the summer seems to want to continue to do,Moon rushed to open,Bring a bit of a bit of praying in the tone。
Summer is deeply attended,Stand up。
But the next moment,League your legs,Relentless on Zhang Wei’s head,The whole person flew out later。
A sharp scream,Like a dead beast,Zhang Wei felt fainting,Tissue,The whole head seems to be ignored.。
Just a word,But let Zhang Wei are awake,No matter how you stand up, go out,Just just ran two steps,Suddenly fell again。
Then he continued to get up,Raming before,Fell again,Just like this, the rolling is climbed out of the office.。
Treat him,Summer look at the moon,“If Zhang Jia is looking for you trouble,Remember to tell me。”
The moon is looking at,Wipe it with your hand and tears,Beautiful smile,“Brother,How did you come?”
“Uh,I heard this time your jewelry shop,So come over and see,correct,The murderer has already caught it.……”
Summer grabbed the brain spoon,It looks like a big boy,With the previous cold judgment,“Ah.,Just now Zhang Hai seems to say a sentence,Baihua Group wins?”
Moon eyes bright,Running this now,“Now three o’clock,Stock market has been closed……”
Speech,She quickly went to the desk,Pick up the landline to start calling。
After a moment,Her face is full of joyful smiles,“Brother,Baihua Group really won。”
Baihua Group won。
This result,For the business sector of Qinghai and the entire Su Hang,Absolute calculation last super vibration。
Someone is re-rehabilizing,Some people are in finding the truth,Has a cold eye,More people are watching。