Behind him is more than ten youth,Black black suit,Green plate,A strong,Anti-power moment。

On the right side of Chen Ren,Then standing with a young man wearing Tang.。
Youth Jono 278 years old,Handsome,Temperament,Especially the smile on his face is like a spring breeze,Soft and unstable。
“Two less,Just for a small passerby,Your call,Just shout us from Su Hang,Is it a little awareness?。”
“How?You have opinions?”Chen Ren did not give each other good face,“Jiao Fei,Although I have been abroad,But you also know these years,Our Chen Jia gave you how much help.,
Let you help me clean up a person,You still don’t want it.?”
Young people named Jiaofei smiled,“I don’t want to be willing.,Two less,Our gang has already been disbanded.,Now called Tenglong Entertainment Co., Ltd.,I hope that I’m don’t have this.
Chen Ren is a mouth,Disdain。
Jiaofei smiled again,It seems that the wind is light。
Just like this expression in the eyes of a strong man,All look,Some nervous。
Others don’t know how to fly, this is the prince, how is a person?,They are very clear。
Not all gang members are three thick,Nor isn’t all masters, full of fierce, murderous。
Jiao Fei is an alternative,Like a sunny youth,Give people a good feeling。
But what you know, you know,He is definitely a person,The more harmful,The more danger of this person。
Laugh,He slowly doned,Also,“Two less,You said.,How to deal with your little ant?”
Put in this way,Chen Ren’s face is immediately,“First give me a meal first.,Then throw him at the school gate,Those students who entered and out know,Crime
What is the next thing?。”
Paused,Flash in the eyes,“Then take him away,Interrupted his limbs,I want him to live in the next half.。”
Jiao Fei smiled,Shake,“Two less,Your punishment is too old.,How to listen to my opinion??”
I am unequal Chen Ren,Immediately,“First, play him a sure,But after finishing,No need, we will lose him at the school gate,Let him from here……”
He pointed down,“Crawling out from here,Dog,And we give him regulations,Every trime,Just learn three dogs,You said that it’s fun.?At the time
It will definitely attract attention to all students。At that time, I will find a rope set with his neck.,This is not a more gas。”
Sun Ren’s eyes are bright,“Good,That’s,Hurry to prepare a rope for me……”
Be talking about,Running outside the outside。
It is Tiefeng classmate。
See him,A few people are impulcively.。
“Chen Shao,Me,Me……”
Tie Feng nose is swollen at this moment,Two giant panda eyes,Clear five fingers in the left and right cheeks,How much is it much?。
“What is going on!”Chen Ren’s face is gloomy。
“Don’t worry,Talk slowly。”Jiao Fei is a smile and patted his shoulder,“You seem to be hurt.,What about the man who is confirmed by Chen Shao?Didn’t come??”
Iron and fear shook his head,Quickly nod,Eye contains grievances,“He,He came,But he said,He said……”