“you……it is good!”

He Yong is not a fool,That cigarette did not work,And the words just now have been obvious.。
In other words,The second night will be very happy……He is clear than anyone else,If you let the other person know,Can you get safely out of this or a problem?。
This makes you look forward to the incomparable spider web master,It’s even a feet.,If it is a hard time,Obviously it can’t be good。
“Two billion。”
He is deeply breathing a breath,Stare at the second night,“Give me 200 million,Fire returning to you。”
The second night’s face is now gloomy,“He Yong,You are crazy.?”
“I used two hundred million to buy it.。”He Yong’s eyes jumped a few times,Under the context of the middle-aged,“Do not believe,You can ask the owner,200 million to you,Is my lowest price。”
“Be right。”Middle-aged people nodded,“I am this price to sell it.。”
This is obvious that it will not pay the account.,How can I endure the second night?,Immediately,Maybe,Suddenly came back in the ear.。
Slightly,And then,Faces on a charming smile on the face,Just the sound is very cold,“Since this,I don’t buy it.,You roll。”
He Yong first is a,I thought the second night will flip face.,I didn’t expect a contrast.,Immediate cold,Turned out。Middle age walking and picking up the box,Deep staring at the summer,Step by step。
NS577chapter Don’t worry
After they leave,Sitting on the couch next night,Summer arm,Do not ask,“What is going on??”
“He Yong smoked the smoke problem,Hypotective role,Will make people’s limbs weakness,Slow response。”
Summer is not concealing,At the same time, in the second night shoulder,One silver needle appears。
See this scene,The second night suddenly shocked,No wonder, when you take your shoulders in summer.,I feel slightly stinging,Just didn’t think too much at the time.。
But she quickly became anger,“Son of a bitch,Dare to count the old lady!I can’t let him!”
After the end,I have to call in the hand.。
But at this time,Summer said,“Although I don’t know what you have,But you now,Prepare really to turn his face behind him??”
The second night is shaped,Slowly sit down,Take a breath,Put the head to the shoulders of the summer,Whisper,“I’m so tired,Really tired。”
“I go out for a while。”
Summer is not suitable for stood up to go out。
“where to?”Second night, dark wood,I don’t know how to comfort myself.,Some uncomfortable。
“Go to the toilet。”
The second night is immediately awkward,After the reaction,Summer has already gone out of the room。
“Why do you like this?!”
the other side,After leaving the meeting room,He Yong’s face angry,A pair of eyes is cloudless, like a snake,The chest is dramatic。