“but,How does Lu Yi use it‘Speed up the sprint’Of skills?As a professional break up, why don’t I know?”

Anna Cao began to wonder,Before playing the PC version of the Gun of Glory,To release the skill, just hold down“R”or“Shift”Wait until the button is pressed……
The battle of glory is in this real simulation shooting game,All actions need to be done by yourself,Is it“Speed up the sprint”Does the skill really require the player to speed up??How should the mechanic’s upgrade or armor skills be used??
“Hey!I blamed me for not studying these skills when they were talking,Played a game,It feels like the first time an Internet cafe opened black,Totally playing a new game!”
Anna Cao quickly took out her notebook and pen,Silently using graceful handwriting,I wrote down these questions one by one,Decided to wait until Lu Yi ends,Please ask。
“Left8personal!”Anna Cao looked up at the screen,It seems to have reached the white-hot stage。
As the poison circle shrinks,Plus the tornado rages on the side,The players in the finals are miserable。
but,There seems to be a“Anchor Sao Zhu”’S players seem to be on the same bar with Lu。
this person,Cao Anna heard his brother say,This anchor has been a professional player for two years,Outstanding achievements,But then the body got a lot of illnesses due to obesity,Forced to receive treatment,Gave up his career。His live broadcast style is humorous,Popular game stalks often appear,In the anchor industry, there are really not many who can be as happy and skilled as him.,I hope he can reduce his body fat as soon as possible,Recovery body。
after all,Game industry,Youth is short,Someone once counted,The average career of global e-sports professional players is2.6year,In other words, their golden period is shorter……
so many people,For various reasons,I want to adjust my state by the water dispenser,But this adjustment,I never had a chance to re-enter the arena。
Another example is my master Xu Tian,Obviously he was shot in the hand and reluctant to retire,Without revealing a little bit of injury information to the outside world,Players thought he was the Phoenix team(PHX)Traitor,Fall quickly on the altar……
but,Cao Anna also admires Xu Tian,Obviously a left-handed player,After injury,But in such a short time,It’s scary to change my habits to the right hand。
“Say,How long has he ignored my sister Yumi??I feel Sister Yumi is really pitiful……”
Cao Anna was attracted by the explosion on the wall,I found that the area affected by the explosion in the finals in the picture was taken away directly3Players……
“what?Is he in poison?”Anna Cao was surprised。