Chen Dayuan cried out,Said:“This Zongmen dojo is surrounded by various mountain guards,Independence and the world,Even volcanic eruptions will affect it every bit!”

At this time, the stele suddenly shined,A multicolored light shot into Chen Dayuan’s eyebrows。
Chen Dayuan held his head in meditation for a long time,There was a sudden burst of joy on his face,Take the finger as a knife,On the ground is outlined,Liu Dunyue and they looked together but it was a floor plan of the palace。
1015 Qingyun Mantle
Chen Dayuan pointed to the northwest corner of the ground plan and said to everyone:“This is the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion of Qingyunzong,Go get back all the secret books;The left side of the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion is the alchemy room,Also taken!”
Everyone responded,I walked towards the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion in the northwest corner,Curiosity in mind,Chen Dayuan was also the first to come to the Qingyunzong dojo,How does he know the pattern of Qingyunzong?”
Liu Dunyue has the most people in the secret world,But I probably know some,Whispered:“It is probably the function of the stone tablet。I heard that there is a secret technique——Porch,This kind of secret technique can save the period that I also expressed for a long time,Reflected in the reader’s mind。He just opened the stele with all his efforts,The multicolored rays of light that penetrated his forehead is estimated to be tens of thousands of years,Letters left to him by the strong Qingyunzong!”
“That’s it!”
Ma Zou said, but he has more thoughts,Looking back, I can’t see Chen Dayuan following,Just whispered:“He told us the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion and the Danfang,Let’s get it ourselves,I don’t follow,Will it be my own to fetch more precious things?”
All three of Liu Dunyue stopped at once,look around,If you listen carefully, you don’t see anything unusual,Zhang Zhiliang said in a low voice:“That’s true in all likelihood,Otherwise, he would rest assured and let us get the secrets and medicines alone!”
Yang Jianye said:“Even so,We can’t turn our faces with him now。Leave him alone,He takes his treasure,We take my secret recipe and medicine,Get what you need,Don’t grow out of knots。”
Liu Dunyue pondered for a while and said:“How about this,You go get the pill、Secrets,I secretly followed him,If it’s something very expensive,Four of us together……”
He didn’t say anything later,Everyone understands what he means,Yang Jianye’s heart trembled,Hesitated:“Is it too risky,He is a top-notch master!”
Ma Zuoyue said disapprovingly:“Lao Yang,You are too courageous!I guess he is only at the initial level of Rank 3 at most,If the four of us team up, we won’t necessarily lose him!”
Zhang Zhiliang also said:“Even if you can’t win, self-protection shouldn’t be a problem。I guess he is also a man of unkindness,The promise to us may not be fulfilled,It’s better to start first!”
Liu Dunyue saw that both of them agreed to her plan,Look at what Yang Jianye said:“Lao Yang,Four of us,What do you plan?”